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6 Things To Consider Before Planning Your Next Event

Whether you are an event organiser or a hospitality or events management company, planning and delivering an event is a large and complex project. If executed well the success reflects on you, the event organiser, and your brand. Even the most seasoned event co-ordinators have to occasionally go back to basics when reviewing their procedures – this is of particular importance if you’re leading a team so here are some considerations.

1) Mitigating the risk of event failure

List the objectives of the event, with desired outcomes for each objective. Are there too many? In order to meet these objectives, which guests should your event target?

Comb through a cost and allowance breakdown to establish a budget and make a detailed supplier list. Keeping this up to date is vital.

Approach the suppliers you intend to use (make sure ID Card Centre is on the list!), pre-warn them about your event and your requirements and get some early answers to questions. Recording the conclusions of your questioning goes a long way to avoiding costly mistakes down the line and saves a huge amount of time.

Ensure that you feed event information and updates into blogs on your website, and use it across social media. This will help raise awareness about how well you plan events, it will support your website’s SEO and ultimately it will generate more event management sales leads.

2) Event security management

Reducing security risks can be much easier than purely hiring extra security guards. Consider staff and guest ID badges or passes as an option. Alternatively, you could distinguish between guests and staff by using coloured lanyards. This is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many time and cost saving security measures that we can familiarise you with.

For example, our Bureau design, print and encode access control ID cards. We can deliver these within two working days of artwork sign-off. You might also consider different types of branded or coloured lanyards to identify staff or at least for people playing different roles at your event.

Pre-printed lanyard with staff and visitor

3) Budgeting for an event

Although the venue and speaker costs will be one of the first things you establish, many events professionals still misjudge security costs. Although you’re aiming to plan and execute the perfect event, getting the security wrong risks your reputation and/or costs more money than getting it right might have done.

Event planning tip:

Visit this website for a free event planning checklist to help you budget and ensure that you keep track of your costings:

Perhaps you’d like to rent an ID card printer so that you can produce the attendee, staff and crew name badges yourself and also have the ability to cover last minute requirements at the entrance of your event. Many events managers like to rent an ID card printer for the week of their event because, for them, it is more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining an ID badge printer.

ID Card Centre has the largest ID Card Printer rental selection in the UK so you can rest assured that we have a printer, and all the accessories and consumables, to suit your needs. Our handy printer rental package builder enables you to get a quote instantly.

4) Targeting guests for your event

Having established who your event will be targeting, you need to be able to track who’s signing up and what they’re responsible for. At business events, you’ll often find that senior management send junior people in their divisions who don’t have the decision-making capacity you’re looking for.

How will you track who has registered for your event? If required, are you able to prevent individuals from registering? Our visitor management software systems log each guest, member of staff and contractor. Nobody is missed and details aren’t lost.

Although watching your event attendee list grow is encouraging, there’s valuable information to be gleaned from looking at the list of people who decided not to attend. Do you have the means to find out who didn’t attend and why?

Queues at an event entrance can’t be hidden, and is a no-no. Just one long queue can impact an event planner’s reputation. Having pre-printed ID cards for each guest helps minimise waiting at event entrances, thereby protecting your reputation.

Ensure there are no mix-ups or delays by using name badge trays such as these to clearly and easily display them. Add some A-Z organiser cards (available in a variety of colours to suit your event branding) to split and sort your guest badges so that locating the correct name badge will take seconds not minutes.

Badge rack with A to Z cards

5) Social media marketing

How are you going to ensure that everyone on your target guest list knows about your event? If you’re considering using social media, please choose your platform carefully because although they might have broadly similar functionality, the user groups on each platform are undoubtedly different. Be strict with yourself – just because you prefer certain social media platforms doesn’t mean that your target audience will too.

6) Don’t just manage an event, promote your brand too

Is there an opportunity to market your own brand at your event? Could your staff wear something that shows off your brand as an event organiser or even sponsor? It adds an extra dimension to your marketing and your brand’s reach.

Event planning tip:

Increase your brand’s reach and use personalised lanyards as a freebie for your guests. Lanyards can be very useful to carry a variety of things and best of all, it’s free marketing for you.

Personalised lanyards

ID Card Centre can fulfil mainstream security and identity needs for events. Our customers rest in the knowledge that they always receive honest expert advice, exceptional service and competitive prices.

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Posted by Ciaran

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