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You’re never fully dressed without an access card or key fob

You’re never fully dressed without an access card or key fob


The risks posed by online hackers are well documented but you should also pay attention to the physical threat of theft or malicious damage caused by having an open door and easy access to your workplace.

Whether your organisation deals with sensitive and confidential material or not, regulating who has access to your premises to keep your assets and employees safe is a basic security requirement.

Making the right decision

Selecting the right access control system for your business opens up a world of useful features – from regulating entry around certain areas to accurate printing and even buying lunch cash-free. Whether you are looking at access control for the first time or would like to add features to your existing system, there will be a card out there that can do the job.


The flexibility of offering your employees just one card that acts as their ID, their access to the workplace and their ability to print to a device near them cannot be underestimated. And with the latest card printers and software, it is so easy to create a professional design and encode the required data on a card at your reception or IT desk.  


If a credit-card sized ID access card doesn’t suit your business for safety or practical reasons, a key fob is an ideal alternative. Kept securely with a user’s car or house keys, it’s a discreet and effective way for them to access different locations and secure areas of your organisation. 

Many businesses have dipped their toe in the water of ID cards but would like to expand their existing system to include access control and other features. That’s not a problem as most cards can be programmed or the ID data added to a new proximity card.

Contact the experts

ID Card Centre has the expertise to advise you on the purchase of the most secure, reliable and cost-effective system for your organisation.

If you can’t work out where to start or don't know which system would be right for your business – ask the experts at ID Card Centre. You can even share a photo of your existing equipment and they’ll help you decide the best way forward.

Email or call 01604 422422 to discuss your requirements, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you get exactly what you need.  

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