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Case Study - an integrated staff and visitor management solution

Due to the very nature of our products, the details of a lot of our client’s accounts need to remain top secret – however, we still want to be able to share our solutions with you in case they are also the perfect fit for your business.

Our next client, a local engine manufacturer, is no different and they have a vast array of access control, identity and badging requirements within their business. 

The Brief for a New Staff and Visitor Management System

For over five years we have been supplying our client with staff ID cards and personalised lanyards so when they needed to implement a new staff and visitor management system as part of an internal initiative to modernise their security procedures, they came straight to us.

All staff needed personalised identity and access control cards allowing them entry to certain areas of the facility and visitors would be issued with photo visitor passes.

All passes would also need to adhere strictly to their brand guidelines and be practical for the staff and visitors to wear.

The Staff ID Card Solution

Encoded HID cards were selected for the staff ID cards as these offer the most secure option for access control.  Thanks to hundreds of facility codes and thousands of ID numbers, this particular card boasts the capability of producing endless combinations of coding.  As a result, the card becomes virtually impossible to duplicate and provides optimum security for its user.

The cards can also be printed on both sides making them fully customisable with the company and holders details.

Re-write ID cardsThe Visitor Pass Solution

Having previously used paper cards for guests to the site, a more durable and secure solution was being sought for the visitor passes, however we also needed to keep our client’s environmental credentials in mind.

By selecting a plastic rewrite card, which could be ‘printed’ with the visitor’s personal details and photo and then wiped and ‘rewritten’ again (up to 500 times in fact!) we could deliver a solution that fulfilled every aspect of the visitor pass brief.  Durable, secure and reusable with the bonus of saving on waste and printing costs.

But what about the Brand?

visitor passes

The ensure all passes remained ‘on brand’ they were first pre-printed by us, with the company logo and design, leaving just the encoding and personalisation to be done on site with the supplied rewrite printers – thus also saving time for our client. 

To further enhance the look of the visitor passes, matt black oversize cards with metallic silver wording of ‘VISITOR’ embossed on them, sat behind the main pass. 

Finally, to combine practicality with aesthetics we created personalised lanyards with a yoyo attachment instead of a standard clip.  The idea of using a yoyo allowed staff to scan their card without needing to detach it from the lanyard or physically lean into the reader. 

For the visitor passes, a simple clip attachment was provided to attach the pass in a prominent and clearly visible position on the wearer.

Visitor Management Software

In order to manage the issuance of the visitor passes, we supplied Semieta Visitor Management software to book visitors in and out of the site and monitor their location easily.  This highly respected visitor software unites a user-friendly interface with great flexibility to result in comprehensive long-term security.

Cam-block mobile device camera blocking stickersThe Result of an Integrated Visitor Management Solution

The client gained a rejuvenated visitor monitoring system which produced real time information and updates to ensure the safety and security of their staff, guests and intellectual property, whilst being quick and easy to use.

The rewrite functionality of the passes saved considerable time, money and wastage with minimum consumables required to issue the cards.

The visitor management system and passes also combined to create a professional first impression for all visitors to the site.

Furthermore, when our client then introduced the Cam Bloc mobile device camera blocking stickers to their visitor management process, they now get almost 100% of all passes back as all visitors must check out at reception after their visit.

To find out how we can help you with a fully integrated solution for your staff and visitor identity and access control requirements, give us a call on 01604 422422 or email

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