It is a test.

Are you bored of your pricing labels?

Price signs florist  Price signs baker  Price signs fishmonger  Price signs cheese shop

Did you even realise there are fun, eye-catching pricing solutions available that don’t cost the earth and take hours to make?

Labels that can display not just the price but vital information on ingredients, uses for the product, special offer details or vital allergen information?

Labels that can cost as little as 9p each?!

Then we’d like to introduce to you our plastic pricing signs.

Price sign stand

Sell more!

Customers buy what they know and understand.  Fact

How many times have you stood at a busy counter, can’t work out what is what or make up your mind and then left?  Add serving suggestions or tempting descriptions to your labels and you will sell more.


Plastic labels allow you to print so much more information on than traditional pricing solutions, including using images to communicate allergens or simply draw the customer’s eye to the product.

They are eye-catching

Available in a range of card and text colours from white cards with full colour print to our most popular option of matt black with white text (it looks like a chalk board), and almost every colour in between!

With such a wide range of colours it makes it very easy and economical to pick something that fits perfectly with your brand and image.  Or you could utilise the different colours available to differentiate between food types, product ranges, or to draw attention to special offers.

Plastic price sign butcherButcher price sign

Food safe and durable

The plastic cards are not only waterproof but are also ISEGA approved for direct food contact.

They’re tough too! Resistant to every day wear and tear they can also withstand the dishwasher and sanitisers and cleansers so they can be thoroughly cleaned - daily if needed – making them extremely hygienic and long lasting.

Time saving

No hand writing of signs or printing, cutting and laminating.

Whether you opt to use our bureau service (next working day delivery) or choose to print your own, each card will be printed and ready to go in your counter within a matter of seconds.


Cards come in a variety of widths to suit your requirements and how much information you need to communicate.

They are also compatible with most existing price sign holders and shelf edge displays so you don’t need to invest in new kit.

It’s Easy

We have two simple options:

Use our bureau service where we set up the design for you and then you send us a spreadsheet of all labels you want printed.  We print and send them out to you for next working day delivery.  

From 35p per label. 

For more info click here.

Buy a printer bundle, including printer, software for designing the labels, blank plastic cards to print onto and a ribbon and you can print your own labels anytime you like (warning – it does become addictive - you’ll even be labelling the cat!). 

This option is really only cost effective if you’re printing hundreds of labels at a time but once you own the kit you can utilise it to make lots of other cards for your business including staff name badges, loyalty cards, promotional giveaway cards, discount cards.  

From 9p per label (excluding the cost of the printer). 

For more info click here.

For more information on our price sign solutions contact us on 01604 422422 or at

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