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ID Card Centre Case Study - Events

Short lead times, high end expectations and last minute changes – all factors which are pretty much a given when it comes to events – whether they be exhibitions, sporting event hospitality or high profile conferences.

When we received our latest brief from a long standing partner in event registration, this was no different...

The Brief

We were asked to produce 650 top quality, full colour name badges for our client who was handling the registration for a very high profile, media conference in Switzerland, for one of the world’s biggest companies.  The delegate list would read like a who’s who of global influencers!  We didn’t need telling how important this job was.

The artwork for the badges was to be supplied by the client and inevitably, due to the nature of the event itself but also the invited delegates, the final data for printing would be provided very last minute.

However we needed to guarantee that we could print and proof the badges and have them delivered to the client in time for them to take them to the event on their flight.

Exhibition Registration

VIP Event PassMedia Event PassExclusive Name Badge

The Solution

None of this is actually out of the ordinary for us and regardless of the job, the client and the attendees all of our bureau jobs are given the VIP treatment.

We only use high quality Fotodek cards, this time in pure white, as they give the best finish and durability.  We also went with slot punched cards so they could be directly attached to the 20mm lanyards we were also supplying, thus removing the need for an additional badgeholder, keeping the look slick and reducing any unnecessary expense or waste.

For the print process we selected re-transfer print using the Magicard Prima – this gives us the ‘over edge’ look which they needed but in a short lead time.  Litho printing actually gives the very best print quality however for the lead time and number of badges required this wasn’t an option.  Re-transfer would still give us the quality we needed and keep within the customers’ budget and timescale.

The supplied artwork was meticulously recreated in our software, ensuring we adhered to their strict brand guidelines, and 4 designs created for the different attendee groups – staff, guests, event crew and press.

As soon as the data was supplied we set to work on the printing and proofing.  All badges and cards that we produce are checked by our team here and any that don’t pass our rigorous quality tests are rejected and printed again.

The Result

The name badges were printed and securely packaged in the exact order that the data was supplied to assist the registration team – knowing they didn’t have to sort the badges the other end was a real time saver!

Inevitably we received some last minute name changes that required same day printing and delivery to ensure they were on the flight with the event team.

All cards were delivered on time and on budget – ready for our happy client to hand over to the event team on site.

“Unprecedented support level!  From me and my clients thank you to the team at ID Card Centre.

Collectively we all produce terrific events!!”

Thanks Barry – we look forward to the next one!

For more information on our bureau service or to talk to us about your

specific requirements please contact us

Email        Phone 01604 422422

ID Card Centre Case Study Events

ID Card Centre Events

Nic Posted by Nic

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