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ID Card Centre Case Study - Event Name Badges

Innovative, diverse and in a constant state of change; for the many businesses offering their creative services, the events industry is an exciting and competitive environment.

At ID Card Centre we understand that one of the key ingredients to a successful event is paying close attention to the little details, as this is what can set you apart from the competition.

We also appreciate the stresses that event organisers are under (I used to be one for over 15 years!) such as tight client budgets, last minute changes to delegate lists and needing to print badges at the very last minute but still get them to the event on the other side of the world before registration opens!  

The Brief for Event Name Badges

When one of our regular events agency clients got in touch to ask for name badges for their next event, we knew we needed to put on our running shoes and get ready to keep up with the fast paced nature of their business.

The badges needed to be clean, crisp and cost effective – and we needed the ability to print extras and handle changes right up until the day of the event.

Event badges

The Event Name Badge Solution

Avoiding anything that would be too bulky to wear, we opted for a plastic, credit card size badge with a simple yet elegant design.  Large enough to communicate the event branding and delegate’s details but small enough to be worn comfortably.

Our resident design wizard worked closely with the event co-ordinator, revising the layout and style as many times as was needed to result in an end product that perfectly conveyed the brand and message their client wanted for the event.

To ensure that staff could be easily distinguished amongst the high footfall of delegates at the event, we ensured that their badges had a sharp, eye catching design, displaying the logo and company name clearly alongside the bright eyed picture of the staff member.

So that the staff had choice in how they styled the badges, we provided the option to wear them with either lanyards or adhesive pins. After all, who says you can't combine practicality with fashion-savvy?

The Result

Bespoke and premium quality badges that were dispatched in a quick turnaround time plus some extra badges (for some last minute additions!) couriered to the event on the day!

For more information or to get a quote please visit our Event Passes page

Event Name Badges​​

Nic Posted by Nic

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