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ID Card Centre Case Study - Local Councils

Since 2008, ID Card Centre have managed the bus passes for one of the largest local authorities in England.

The Brief

Bus pass

This particular Council issue approximately 4000 bus passes per year to local residents. 


  The passes need to be hard wearing enough to ensure that they last for the full year for those residents that use them on a daily basis.


  They also need to be easily identifiable to the bus driver as a valid bus pass, belonging to the correct owner.


  The bus drivers must be able to easily and efficiently sell passes on the buses, whilst working as normal on their routes.


  To assist the drivers in identifying out of date passes, the bus pass colour will change each year.

The Solution

According to the customer's brief we selected a CR80 86mm x 54mm card of 350GSM varnished paper.  Through this choice of card - with a comparative thickness four times greater than standard A4 paper - we could accommodate for significant durability whilst still adhering to standard credit card sizing, ensuring the pass could still fit easily into a purse or wallet.

We created a design that was clean and simple, with a clearly identifiable name box, council logo and space for the holder’s photo.  A bold and bright orange background helped make the pass easily identifiable in the purse or wallet for when getting onto the bus.  By opting for a different base colour to the design each year, the driver could quickly and easily see if the pass was currently valid.

Finally, we included a cold seal laminate along the top edge of the front of the card. This meant that travellers could purchase a blank card to write on their own name, add on a passport size photo and seal over the laminate cover, creating their ready to use pass.

Bus Pass

The Result

A simple, but effective bus pass that meets all of the council’s criteria, whilst still being cost effective to produce and simple for the council and drivers to manage.  

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