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List Of ID Card Security Options

Let's be honest with ourselves, security should be at the forefront of all of our minds in business and in this series of blogs we will look at the different options we have available.

A single security breach could cost your company hundreds of thousands of pounds and significant reputation damage to boot if you're not careful!

With that in mind, it's imperative for you to constantly be looking at new ways to increase your awareness of who is on site at any one time. With visitors, contractors and staff from multiple departments and sites all integrating together, It's a difficult task and not one that should be taken lightly.

Visitor Lanyard

That is why you should be looking at ID Cards, of which there is a wide variety of choices ranging from basic visitor badges and lanyards for your visitors to be easily identified, to access control systems, access fobs and smart cards, all which can be customised so that only certain people have access to specific areas of the building.

A simple access control system including access cards/key fobs is an easy way to only allow set people getting into rooms that may contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or even personal financial data.

It may seem obvious now but it's not necessarily the first problem we think of when setting up a business. That is where ID Card Centre come in, we can help you to put in place such systems to substantially reduce the risk of a security breach in your future!

We could provide you with any of the solutions pictured above and many more. Whether it be access cards and fobs, smart readers or lanyards for increased visibility we have you covered!

We can make the cards look pretty as well, we have a super efficient card production bureau on site! We work closely with hundreds of clients to design and print cards to their specification so that they are not just fit for purpose but fit in with the business image of our customers.

We as human beings have to evolve with the times, there are data pirates out there of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of techniques to get onto our premises and take our information for their own personal gains! It isn’t just the high tech ‘computer hacking’ methods that we should guard against. A simple method of somebody casually walking into our office spaces unbeknownst can be just as catastrophic should data get into the wrong hands! So what are you waiting for? Let's all put changes in place to help secure the future of our business, our staff and above all else our customers!

Contact ID Card Centre today for more information and to get the ball rolling on tightening up security in your business!

Watch this space! Coming up in the near future we will continue this series on security options with a piece detailing access card/fob types and encoding options. To be followed be the final instalment of this series of blogs on ID card security features!

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