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Identity Insight from ID Card Centre June 2017

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Does my business need ID cards?

ID Cards

ID cards come in many guises – from the well-known staff ID cards to a visitor pass, gym pass and even a  membership or loyalty card – they all serve a common purpose of identifying you, the holder.

If you’re not using plastic cards within your business yet – we can show you how easy and cost efficient it can be and how it can help boost your business in a number of ways.

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XL Oversize Badge Printers

Sometimes badges just need to be big!  Whether you need to get more information on them or just want greater visibility, XL badges are now more accessible and cost effective than ever.
Introducing our range of XL printers to hire or purchase
XL Name Badge Printers
Ideal for events!  We have the largest stock of XL rental printers in the country.
XL Name Badge Printer Rentals
XL Name Badges

Oversized ID Cards and Badges

If you don’t want to print the badges or passes yourselves then outsource the entire job to us.
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XL ID Badge Printer Flyer

Take a look at our brand new XL printer brochure, for all the information you need on XL printers and oversized badges. 

Click on the flyer to view the PDF
Industry Spotlight on…. Events
Innovative, diverse and in a constant state of change; for the many businesses offering their creative services, the events industry is an exciting and competitive environment!

Working with event agencies to deliver beautiful badges, on budget, is what we do!
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Coming Next Month… a focus on the Utilitiesindustry
Identity in the utilities industry is vital – whether it be for ID cards (many now also feature Braille) to identify workers to the public or ICE (In Case of Emergency) cards for lone workers.  Whatever your requirements, make sure you choose a supplier that is on the Utilities Vendor Database for added peace of mind!

ID for the Utilities industry
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