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Identity Insight from ID Card Centre May 2016

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Welcome to the May edition of Identity Insight

May is a very special month for us, as it’s our birthday!  This year, on 11th May we will be celebrating 5 years since MD Ben O’Brien acquired ID Card Centre from Aurora Computer Services in a Management buyout.
IDCC Birthday

Ben had already been working at ID Card Centre since 2003 and as a business, we’ve actually been around since the 90’s so whilst we’re celebrating our 5th birthday we’re actually a lot older than we look! ;-)

To celebrate our birthday there will be a special one day only promotion so do look out for that email which will land in your inbox on the morning of the 11th May!

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We’re more than just an identity and access control business…. we also do ICE!

Nope, not the cold stuff – we’re talking about I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency contact information!  When it comes to an emergency situation, quick and simple is always what is needed and that is why our ICEtags are the perfect solution.

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Whilst this area of our business started off as a product for runners, it’s quickly been embraced by people that do a whole range of sports and business are now starting to issue them to employees – particularly those that work in dangerous environments or out on their own – including a recent purchase by an energy company for all of their field based members of staff.

ICEtags video
St Neots

A real life saving story...

Simple plastic tags that contain any information you would want the emergency services or first responders to an accident to know about you, such as an allergies you may have, medicines or treatment you may need or people to contact.  These cheap and lightweight tags attach to your shoe, zipper, bag or helmet and really can be the difference between life and death should the worst happen.  Don’t believe us?  Hear from one of our customers here…

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Our fight against identity fraud

Project Genesius

In a time when identity theft and fraud is getting ever more prevalent and the criminals getting more sophisticated, it’s crucial that we as a supplier do all we can to help the police stamp out these crimes.
That’s why we have been signed up to Project Genesius for a number of years now, they work in partnership with the Met Police. Any transactions that we receive that do not come from a legitimate business or do not look genuine are cancelled and reported to the team at Project Genesius who may also involve other external organisations including Interpol. We have a duty to report any suspicious activity, not only that, we are at risk of being sued or even imprisoned if we do supply anyone who we can’t be sure is using the equipment for a legitimate purpose.
This year alone we have cancelled over £20,000 worth of potentially fraudulent orders!
To learn more about how Project Genesius works, and our commitment to the cause, read our blog.

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This month’s industry spotlight is… Local Councils

IDCC Bus Passes

Local Councils have a diverse range of requirements when it comes to ID cards and utilise them across their offices in the form of identity and access control cards and out in the community from membership cards to bus passes.  Today we take a closer look at the bus pass solution we provide for one of the largest local authorities in the country.

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