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One size fits all – the simple effectiveness of the Inepro Card Reader

One size fits all – the simple effectiveness of the Inepro Card Reader

You rarely enter a medium/large organisation or educational establishment without seeing an ID card swinging from a brightly coloured lanyard on each and every person that passes. And with a few technological tweaks, that staple ID card can open up opportunities for access control, secure release print & copy and can even be used for the cashless purchase of lunch in the canteen. 

To successfully maximise your ID card system, an effective card reader is an absolute must. ID Card Centre stocks a wide variety of the top brands on the market, many of which are compatible with the vast array of ID cards available. So you won’t have to change the entire ID system, simply bolt-on a compatible card reader, configure the software and you’re good to go.

One of our most popular and reliable RFID card readers is the Inepro SCR708. This market-leading reader supports all card technologies in the 13,56 MHz and the 125 kHz range.

Access Control

With accurate card readers positioned at strategic entry points, you can allow the right people into the right spaces, making sure that employees, students, visitors and contractors are able to access the authorised areas of your organisation. In combination with Inepro’s AccessPRO software, the SCR708 card reader ensures a safe and reliable access process. It is easy to configure, using high encryption technologies to read RFID cards quickly and simultaneously.

Print Release

Regulating printing in large organisations provides huge cost reduction benefits as well as being greener. Linking to a multi-function printer (MFP), employees and students are able to manage their printing requirements securely by releasing individual print jobs to the most conveniently located printer. By tapping their ID card on the slimline Inepro SCR708 card reader installed at the printer, the user can keep a track of their print costs where appropriate and any confidential documents are printed and delivered to exactly the right person.

Cashless Payment

Cashless catering is becoming more popular, solving many administrative issues busy schools, universities and businesses. Catering staff no longer need to handle cash payments and users can pay for their meals using their ID card. The SCR708 can easily be built into a cash register. Connecting to Inepro’s CashPRO software, the SCR708 enables organisations to manage pricing, products and transactions in the catering environment.

Regardless of card type, Inepro guarantees compatibility of connection to existing equipment, saving customers time, effort and money.

To discuss your access, printing or catering control needs and for more information on the Inepro SCR708 card reader, give us a call on 01604 422422 and we will be happy to help.

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