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This Seasons New Lanyards

This season it’s definitely not a case of black is the new black, or blue or red or green for that matter!

Lanyards have finally got exciting!  New suppliers to the market mean that our standard offering has now increased our lanyard range with a brand new additional 21 colours to add to our already extensive range.

This seasons lanyards

This Seasons New Lanyards




Water Melon

Robin Egg Blue


Flourescent yellow

Light up blue

Light Up white






Hi-viz Pink

Hi-viz Blue

Light up pink

Black Security


Neon Green



Coca Brown

Hi-viz Orange

Hi-viz Yellow

Black with white Police text


Light Blue




Light up green

Light up yellow

Orange with white visitor

If that’s still not exciting enough then it’s possible to get a standard lanyard in a choice of 5 vibrant colours, with flashing LEDs in the strap – awesome for festivals, kids events, sporting events or even conferences where the audience likes to have fun!  

All of these new colour options make it much more likely that you can find a stock lanyard to match your brand, perfect if you’ve been tasked with sourcing them at the last minute.

Whilst colour is of course extremely important, we also take safety and quality seriously too.

All of our stock lanyards are made from high quality polyester so whilst they may only be required to last for a short period, they will stand the test of time if you need them for longer periods.  Many are even machine washable on a cool wash– particularly useful if working in outdoor and dirty environments.

They also all come with the very important health and safety breakaway as standard.  In our minds this feature is essential in all situations, not just high risk environments such as construction, health care and prisons.  Sadly accidents do and can happen anywhere so it’s extremely reassuring to know that all lanyards we supply come with this safety feature.

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