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Project Genesius – Who was Genesius?

Project Genesius – Who was Genesius?

He is in fact a Saint, the Patron Saint of printers, actors, lawyers, barristers, clowns, comedians, converts, dancers, people with epilepsy, musicians, stenographers and torture victims and August 25th marks his feast day so we thought it was an appropriate time to write about him.

Saint Genesius of Rome was an actor who worked in a series of plays that mocked Christianity. One day while performing in a work that made fun of baptism he received sudden wisdom from God, realized the truth of Christianity, and had a conversion experience on stage. He announced his new faith, and refused to renounce it, even when ordered to do so by Emperor Diocletian.

Bring the Patron Saint of Printers he lends his name to Project Genesius, the Metropolitan Police Service initiative to crack down on the unlawful use of printing equipment, for example for making fake IDs and cloning bank cards.

Launched in 2007, the initiative provides its members with a direct channel for reporting suspicious activity such as reporting orders for products that we suspect are not from a legitimate company or for a legitimate purpose.

When providing printing equipment we always check the legitimacy of the company and the activity that the equipment is intended for.  If the purchaser is unable to give us this information that is an immediate red flag for us.  We are also aware that there are certain printers models and ribbon types that are used more frequently in this area so any orders for these are checked even more thoroughly.  There can be other clues too such as the delivery address, email address, time and location of the order – we’re well trained in spotting the signs now!

Whenever you see the official Metropolitan Police Project Genesius Logo on a supplier’s website then you know that they are signed up to the initiative and are working consciously to help stamp out ID Card fraud.

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