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Elatec RFID Systems - Buying Guide 2019
Access control and contactless technology is constantly increasing in popularity as industries strive to improve efficiency and security. In an ever-growing market, it can be difficult to know where to go when sourcing a supplier if you’re looking to implement a contactless system in your establishment. As contactless technology continues to develop, more and more ways to use it are becoming available- most people use contactless technology in their daily life. What is contactless technology used for? Uses include contactless payments, gym passes, secure door access, vending and PC log-o..
Donating to 100 Ladles - Action for Homelessness and Hunger this Christmas
Christmas is here once again, which means that as always ID Card Centre Ltd will be donating to a charity of our choice. There are, of course, so many charities across the country that need support. This year, our charity of choice is very close to home. 100 Ladles -Action for Homelessness and hunger are a local charity, offering aid to those that need it in Northampton town centre. Every Saturday evening the community run group gathers on Northampton town’s main street to serve up hot meals, drinks and other snacks and essentials to Northampton’s homeless population. Our Director, Nico..
Cam-block - Tamper Evident Stickers for Private Events
In the past, getting photographs of private material required careful consideration. Imagine a secret agent sneaking around a secure government facility or a spy snooping around a product development lab- reliant on their hi-tech gadgetry to get photos of private material. Today, people don’t need their camera’s disguised as a pen or shirt button- the infamous camera sunglasses are a thing of the past, too. Why? Today’s modern world has the ever-developing mobile phone camera, allowing quick and easy photography wherever they go. The challenge As the presence of mobile phones, camera..
Welcome To The Team, Lauren!
As the team here at ID Card Centre continues to grow, it’s our delight to introduce you to our newest addition to the sales team- Lauren! Lauren joins us as a business administration apprentice, studying for the qualification alongside her day to day duties in the office. Since starting, Lauren has been able to quickly develop key skills, learning all about how the business runs and dealing with daily enquiries over the phone and via email. Lauren also processes quotes and orders on a daily basis. Alongside Lauren’s day to day roles within the office, she balances her apprenticeship work a..
Meet Our New Digital Marketing Apprentice, Ciaran Walsh
This is Ciaran, our new digital marketing apprentice! Ciaran joins William in working towards his digital marketing qualification and contributing to ID Card Centre’s social media presence. Much of Ciaran’s work, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is behind the scenes, but it’s in no way unimportant! He’s working hard to make sure our website and online performance is optimised, constantly monitoring the site and creating detailed reports. Ciaran is also responsible for adding new products and information to the website as well as heading up our presence on LinkedIn w..
Spooky Supplies At ID Card Centre Ltd
It’s Halloween! Whether you’re taking the kids ‘trick or treating’, hosting a spooky party or just staying in, we hope you have a great night! These frightful characters are all set for a night of scaring with their broomsticks, pumpkins and costumes- and it looks like they’ve taken advantage of our cost effective ID card printing service to get themselves some matching Halloween ID cards. Why not? Scotty the Scarecrow is pulling off a stylish purple and green accessories combination whilst Gary the ghoul hasn’t quite got the idea of a lanyard! All sorts of accessories are available ..
ID Cards and Information Security
So your existing ID badge or card supplier delivers late (useless for events) or perhaps provides ID cards that won’t work in your ID badge printers. You look around for another ID card supplier for the first time in years and realise how complicated the industry has become. Here are some key questions to ask to help you make the right choice when selecting a new ID card supplier. Are they registered with the ICO? ICO stands for Information Commissioner’s Office. This plays an increasingly important role in data management and security. It’s the independent authority set up to uph..
How to Get the Best Quality Print for Your ID Cards
Understanding print engines and how they actually print your design can be complex, so here’s a summary of key information for you to ensure that your card designs are created with maximum print quality in mind. How our print engines work When we send a card design to print, it is the printer engine’s responsibility to read the contents of the design and convert it into a format that enables the printer to transfer the design onto a card. It’s looking for all sorts of different elements of a design including colours, images and text. Printing text from flattened file types A ‘flat’..
All You Need to Know About ID Card Centre and BPMA
At ID Card Centre, we’re privileged to be a part of the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association). You might be wondering; what is the BPMA – and what does this mean for ID Card Centre and, more importantly, what does it mean for you as our customers? Find out all you need to know about our BPMA in this short but informative blog! What is the BPMA? The BPMA is a professional body that offers advice and guidance to buyers based on the wide range of companies that are BPMA members. Every BPMA member must adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that high standards of quality, a..
Is Your Visitors' Book Breaking GDPR Law?
Do you have a visitors’ book containing personal information such as names, car registrations and any type of contact details? Sometimes just adding the name of a business can be as good as giving out contact details – particularly if it’s a sole trader. If you have a visitors’ book, please go through this checklist to see if you’re at risk of a GDPR breach. Can visitors see information about earlier visitors when they sign in? This is probably a data privacy breach. Standard signing-in books do not comply with GDPR. What happens if somebody walks off with your visitors..
Exciting News from the ID Card Centre Team!
We’ve got some exciting news to bring you here at ID Card Centre! After a long period of consistent growth, ID Card Centre have been selected as finalists for the Northamptonshire Business Awards! As a team we we’re extremely excited to discover this, and it’s rewarding to see our hard work and effort being recognised by an official award. We’re a very proud office right now! ID Card Centre has seen a real period of growth in recent times, which has meant that the whole team has had to adapt to the changes that have come as a result. New processes and operations are always being introdu..
Reasons to Recycle Every Personalised ID Card, Badge Printer and Ribbon
If your name badges and ID card printer ribbon end up in the bin, and if your card printer goes through the same ‘end of life’ recycling process as your other hardware, you could be: Breaking data protection law (with name badges and ID card printer ribbon) Missing out on product and service discounts for recycling Contradicting your organisation’s environmental policy Missing out on printer trade-in deals. Here’s how it works. 1. Name badges, ID card printer ribbon and GDPR Failing to destroy material displaying personal information, or holding too much personal inf..
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