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ID Card Printers

8 Essential Elements of a Successful ID Card System
So you’ve decided an ID card system is a key way to improve security in your business. Now you need to move the project forward. To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 essential elements you need to make your ID card system a success. 1. ID Card Printers  A card printer with the right specification is the first thing to go on any ID card system list of requirements. If you can’t print the ID cards, then you don’t have an ID card system. But what should you be considering in order to get the right card printer for your purposes? Here are some questions to ask yo..
Why Do I Need To Clean My ID Card Printer and Readers?
We appreciate that cleaning and maintenance are never much fun however if you’ve gone to the expense of investing in an ID card printer then you’ll need it to be running in tip top condition whenever you need it. Due to the very nature of plastic cards, readers, printers and the ribbons they use there will be a naturally occurring build-up of dirt that must be cleaned away on a regular basis.  Dust, dirt, fingerprint oils, magnetic oxides and environmental contaminants will inevitably lead to errors in the printing and processing function of your equipment such as: Imperfe..
ID Card Printers - To Hire or Buy?
To hire or buy?  If that’s the question you’re currently mulling over then hopefully we can help you to make that decision. Undoubtedly purchasing any equipment can be costly and getting budget approval can be difficult and time consuming, therefore the option to hire equipment could be the solution you’re looking for. Pros Cons No capital expenditure outlay Costs can be internally allocated to a specific client or project No ongoing maintenance costs Supplement your printing operation at busy ..
What is rewrite printing?
rewrite vb (tr) 1. to write (written material) again, esp changing the words or form Rewrite, re-write or re write? However you spell it, it still does exactly what it says – it allows you to rewrite a previously printed ID card or name badge. How does rewrite work? The revolutionary rewrite technology doesn’t require any fancy inks or ribbons, but simply uses heat to change the colour of the surface of the card, thus printing any text and images (in monochrome only) – including photographs - on to the surface of the card. Reapplication of heat will then remove the ‘prin..
ID Card Printer Trade In – The Sustainable Option
If your ID card printer is coming to the end of its life or it’s no longer fit for purpose and you want to upgrade then you don’t have to scrap it. Save your printer from ending up in the skip or taking up space in the back of a store cupboard by trading it in against a new one – and getting money off in the process! Your old printer will be sent back to the manufacturer, where it will be dismantled and stripped down in to component parts and sent off for recycling.  The plastic casings typically go on to become other plastic goods such as garden furniture and even car parts!  ..
ID Card printing so easy you can do it anywhere!
Ben is out on the road at demos and installations a lot this week and found he’d run out of business cards.  Not to worry, equipped with an IDP Smart 50S printer and a power inverter – he was able to print some more business cards, between meetings, in his car! Durable and Simple to Use! The IDP Smart 50S, and in fact all the IDP Smart printers, have a metal casing and components, making them one of the most durable ID card printers around. They are also all extremely easy to use – download the appropriate driver, connect the printer to your computer’s USB port an..
All In One ID Printer Case
At ID Card Centre we are constantly looking to improve our product range. Our latest addition has been a labour of love. ID Card Printers can be expensive pieces of equipment to replace, so we have been looking at ways in which we can protect your investment. Introducing the new all-in-one ID Printer case. Not only does this hard shelled case protect your printer from knocks and bumps but it also holds all of your ancillary accessories, your power supply, USB cable, up to 700 cards and 2 printer ribbons. Inside we have lined the case with sturdy foam to keep your printer and accessories ..
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Evolis Printer Travel Bag
The Evolis Printer travel bag is a new addition to the ID Card Centre range for the purpose of carrying your Evolis Zenius or Primacy when on the go. This is a great alternative to the flight cases we already sell and are just as effective. Evolis Printer Travel Bag  The sturdy and compact design is both lightweight and splash proof with a cushioned hooded top with zip and Velcro sides. However if you like to carry your printer, there is the option of a strong handle on the top of the hood and also a detachable strap which you can adjust to your preferred length if you prefe..
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What is Braille?
Braille is a universal communication system for the blind or partially sighted using a collection of 6 raised dots through vertical cells to allow a person to read through touch. Each cell represents letters, numbers and characters and there a variations from language to language. A blind or partially sighted person using braille is as literate as a sighted person; the only difference is the method in which they converse. There are 3 different grading levels to the Braille transcript: Grade 1 is for basic literacy. Each letter of the alphabet is represented in separate cells. Punctuat..
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Introducing IDP Smart Card Printer
The IDP Smart Card Printer is the newest and most economical card printer to be introduced to our product range. Easy to install and plug in, the printer has a ribbon cartridge which you can easily fit your ribbon and drop in, making it easy to replace but less regularly than before. The front allows for both loading of blank cards and ejecting of those printed and it really is the most cost effective printer currently available within the industry. Features Features include real time print status and ribbon count which is displayed on the front LCD screen as well as an automatic low ..
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