It is a test.

First Impressions Count!

First Impressions Count!

It’s just one of those things. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And when you’re signing a potential client into your building, that process will already have started. With that said, therefore, it’s worth bearing in mind that the ID security procedure you operate can really make a difference.

How can an ID card system affect first impressions? 

An ID card system has impact because:

1.  It can enhance your organisation’s professional image

An ID card system immediately implies that a business is substantial enough to warrant one. It also implies that an organisation takes what it does seriously, and is serious about the security of its staff. That’s a good impression to give.

2.  It gives employees a sense of security

Staff are reassured that both entry/exit to the building is monitored, and authorisation to different areas is managed tightly. If your staff feel that, then you can be sure that a visitor to your building will feel that too… And that’s a great first impression for a visitor to have.

3.  ID badges can really aid communication

ID badges work well as name badges too. And though people may not mention it, they appreciate knowing the name of the person they’re talking to at reception.  If you make communication easy for staff and visitors alike, you’re going to be remembered positively.

So, if you’re realising now that an ID card system could go a long way towards helping you create a good first impression, you’re probably wondering next how you go about it.

How to get your ID card system working for you…

If you want to make the right impression, bearing in mind the above, your ID card system has to be slick. It has to do its job without interfering, because people notice when something is done badly or goes wrong. And that’s the wrong impression. So what tools do you need to do the job well?

1.  ID Card Software  

ID card software like CardExchange enables you to design, manage, encode and then print ID cards quickly and easily. You can create, delete and amend users simply, as well as connect to different databases if required. Encoding can then be printed onto your cards or via magnetic strips or chips. 

2.  ID Card Hardware & Consumables - Card Printers & ID Cards

Choose a card printer that fits your requirements. You don’t have to pay for more than you need. Plus, be mindful that an ID card printer is nothing without the right printer ribbon for the job. If you’re printing photo quality ID pictures, you’ll need four colour CMYK ribbons. However, if you’re just printing text or single colour, then monochrome ribbons will be fine. With regard to ID cards, you’ll need to consider whether you want single or dual sided cards, single or full colour printing, what photo quality you want, and what level of security you’re aiming for.

3.  Photo ID Cameras  

For an ID card system to give a good impression it has to operate with top quality ID photos. When arranging for photos to be taken, you’ll need to consider the following variables: image quality, mobility, lighting and backdrop.  However you don't need to overcomplicate it, most smartphone cameras are more than adequate and a plain white wall makes a crisp, clean, backdrop.  

4.  Accessories

Accessories are what make a good system smooth and easy to implement and use. It’s therefore worth considering including the following accessories on your ‘to purchase’ list:  lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and badge clips

If you’re keen to make a good first impression with visitors, and are now thinking of implementing an ID card system, then please do give us a ring. We’d be delighted to talk through your options in more detail.

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