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How to licence CardExchange to a Licence Dongle

How to licence CardExchange to a Licence Dongle

CardExchange™ offers a number of flexible licencing solutions based on different requirements.

If you have a single or a few licences but need to be able to use these on various machines then using a licence dongle is often the best solution to this rather than purchasing additional licences.  

Step by Step Guide to Licensing CardExchange™ to a Licence Dongle

Step 1:

  • It is important that the driver of the dongle is installed before connecting the dongle to your PC and activating the license.
This is the old licence dongle:    This is how the latest licence dongle looks:
Old CardExchange Dongle CardExchange Dongle

Step 2:

  • In the main page of the Auto Play Menu from the CardExchange™ disk you can find the menu option Drivers. When you select this menu item you will enter the driver page.

Step 3:

  • Now click on the USB Dongle button to execute the installer:


Step 5:

  • If you don’t have the CD handy then you can download the dongle driver from here:

Step 6:

  • When the installer is started, click on Next to proceed:


Step 7:

  • If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, simply select the corresponding option and click Next.

Step 8:

  • If you decline these terms, when selecting the installation will stop and the wizard will be closed after you click Finish.


Step 9:

  • Select Complete as Setup Type and click on Next to Proceed:


Step 10:

  • Now you are ready to install the dongle driver on your PC, click on Install to proceed:


Step 11:

  • To allow access to the CardExchange™ licence server, the firewall has to be modified. You can always do this manually down the line, just select No to do so. We advise you to allow the installer do the modifications to the firewall as this guarantees that the dongle will be able to communicate effectively with the licence server.

Step 12:

  • Click Yes to proceed:


Step 13:

  • When the installation is successful you can click on Finish to close the installation wizard.

Step 14:

  • Now you can insert the dongle into a free USB port of your system and it will automatically install the driver.
  • To check that the dongle is working correctly open up CardExchange™ and it should be looking for a machine ID starting with 80-* (if the dongle isn’t installed or connected then the machine ID will start 10-*).
  • Once you have confirmed this then you can activate CardExchange™ as normal with the serial number and activation code.

To use the dongle on another machine simply install the driver as above and copy the lservrc file from a working machine and paste it into the licence directory on the new machine. You may be able to copy the Data folder across onto the new PC, should you experience a locked metadata file error then you will need to link them manually.

If you get stuck or have any questions then contact us on chat, email or by calling 01604 422422.

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