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What is the best RFID reader for me?

What is the best RFID reader for me?

Many people ask us what RFID readers they should buy for their card management system – whether that be for access control, cashless catering, print and copy release, library management or other card system.  It can be a bit of a minefield and it is obviously essential that you get the right one, not just for now but to future proof against potential changes to your cards and systems in the future.   


The Elatec range of RFID readers are ideal for print on demand (also known as follow me printing), Access Control, library management, cashless catering as well as many other applications.

Selecting the right RFID readers for you

The first stage is to determine what card or fob you have as not all RFID readers can read all types of cards/fobs.  There are a number of ways you can identify them: if you have it, check the box the cards or fobs came in; look for any identifying marks or numbers on the card; use an NFC reader on an android phone or send us a sample and we will test and identify it for you free of charge.

There are a lot of different RFID readers available and it is a balance of getting the reader which will read your current cards and making sure that if you are using multiple technologies across your sites, that it will read those as well.   

If you are thinking of changing your access control system in the future you need to ensure that the RFID readers will be flexible enough to read your new cards too. If you don’t know what your new system is going to be then we can recommend a multi reader for you that will read all card types to future proof the reader.

Our most cost effective RFID reader is the Elatec MIFARE reader ART11223, this will read MIFARE cards only and is great for schools and workplaces.

Elatec manufacture RFID readers that can read 95% of card technologies, here are 3 of our other most regularly requested readers:

HID Prox                              ART11229 (black) / ART11230 (white)

HID iCLASS                          ART11235 (black) / ART13858 (white)

EM4102 (125khz)              ART11241 (black) / ART11242 (white)

Full PDFs for the different RFID readers are available on our website along with details of the cards they will read.

If you are using multiple technologies on site then we recommend the ART14765 which is a multi-reader that can read 90% of card types.

If you need a comprehensive table of all available RFID readers and the cards they will read, please download our pdf here.  In the unlikely event that you don't see your card type on the table, please contact us and send a sample of your cards so we can test it to determine the most appropriate reader for you. 

If you are a reseller and find you need to test a lot of cards, the Elatec card testing kit will quickly identify cards and compatible readers in seconds.

Most black Elatec RFID readers are kept in stock for delivery the next working day (or sooner if required!), white readers and OEM boards are special order items which will be available 5-7 working days from receipt of your order. We also supply mounting brackets and holders for all readers.  

If you do not currently have intelligent cards, but use identity cards, and would like to incorporate technology then we can do this quickly and easily by providing you with MIFARE or 125kHz or HID stickers to attached to your current ID cards.

All of the prices on our website are end user so if you require trade pricing or volume discounts please get in touch, we can provide a bespoke quotation for you. We are happy to set up trade accounts (subject to credit status), please contact us for more information or an application form.

ID Card Centre Ltd are a leading distributor in the UK, supplying housed readers, OEM PCB boards as well as bespoke projects for large installations. For more information or for assistance please call us on 01604 422422 or email

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