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What is rewrite printing?

What is rewrite printing?


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1. to write (written material) again, esp changing the words or form

Rewrite, re-write or re write? However you spell it, it still does exactly what it says – it allows you to rewrite a previously printed ID card or name badge.

How does rewrite work?

The revolutionary rewrite technology doesn’t require any fancy inks or ribbons, but simply uses heat to change the colour of the surface of the card, thus printing any text and images (in monochrome only) – including photographs - on to the surface of the card. Reapplication of heat will then remove the ‘printing’ leaving the card blank and ready to be used again.

This allows you to temporarily print on the surface of the card – wiping it clean again when it’s no longer needed. The only way to ‘wipe off’ the print is by running it through the printer again and for a specific temperature to be applied so you don’t need to worry about the image or text fading or disappearing before you’re ready!

Saves money and the environment

A special thermo-sensitive rewrite card is needed and these start at £1.20 per card for a plain white card. However as each card can be used up to 500 times, the cost per card is just £0.0024 each, plus there are no printer ribbons to buy. Compare this to a basic white card at £0.07, which also requires printer ribbons, and you can see how the savings could quickly add up.

With rewrite you’re not only saving money but also the environment as the cards are being reused instead of ending up in the bin, and there are no ribbons or cartridges to dispose of. Today’s rewrite printers are also energy efficient so you’ll save money on your energy costs too!

Personalise the look of your cards

Rewrite cards are available in blue or black thermo-sensitive material so you can choose the finished look of your card. The rewrite is typically on one side of the card only but if you require the rewrite functionality on both sides then we can arrange these as a special order item.

If you’d like a full colour design on your card, then we can design and pre-print the cards for you – leaving you to just add the personalisation using rewrite as and when the cards are needed. Our pre-printing would include anything that you want to feature permanently on the cards such as company logo, address and contact details and also information that you want to be easily accessible to the card holders for example emergency evacuation procedures.

Can I get Smart rewrite cards?

Absolutely! Whether you need cards for access control, print release, cashless catering or another function that’s fine as rewrite cards also come in MIFARE®, Proximity and Mag stripe options.

Is rewrite right for me?

Rewrite is ideal for establishments, companies and businesses that use temporary membership, ID and visitor cards, but also has lots of other applications – see below for some suggestions!

  • Cruise ship passes – include passenger details including photos, cabin details and excursion dates
  • Ski passes –include photos, competency levels and emergency contact information
  • Kids clubs and activity centres – photos for added security, allergy or medical information and parent/carer contact details
  • Day visitors – do away with hand written paper passes – include your visitors name and any important information they may need about your site, such as a map and emergency evacuation plan!
  • Salons, Spas and Hairdressers – make your customers feel valued – give them a personalised card and include their next appointment reminder. You can reprint the card with a new appointment each time.
  • Loyalty cards – as well as an appointment reminder card, turn it in to a loyalty card and reprint it each time with their new points value or add a new special offer
  • Retail pricing – especially food and flowers where prices can change daily – simply run the card back through the printer to wipe the old prince and then again to print the new price and you’ve updated your labels in seconds – without extra cost or mess. Using plastic cards as pricing labels is also extremely hygienic and food safe approved.

Do I need any specialist equipment?

You will need an ID card printer with rewrite functionality and some rewrite cards – and that’s it!

With printers starting from under £450 rewrite is a very affordable option for all businesses and establishments.

For our full range of rewrite ID card printers – please see here.

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