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ID Card Tips and Advice

Data We Need To Print Your ID Cards
Whether you need 1 or 1,000 ID Cards our card printing service can take all the hassle out of arranging your professional ID Cards. ID Card Printing turnaround time is 1-3 days, for large orders it is always best to confirm estimated completion times before ordering. Our Card Printing Bureau takes all the hassle out of printing your ID cards, with the added benefit of no expensive outlay for equipment. We have a large number of clients who use this service on a regular basis and an increasing number of new clients. This article is designed to be a short guide to the data we need to print yo..
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Tips for Photo ID Cards
We supply a number of ID card printers and bureau printing options to facilitate photo ID cards, here are some tips to get you thinking: Photo Backdrop, make sure you choose a coloured back ground that compliments the colours of your card. For example; if you have a mainly blue design try to stay away from green backgrounds. Most people choose to go with a white wall. Whilst this is normally safe with darker designs and intricate designs it may be worthwhile (if you have the talent) having the backgrounds completely removed from each portrait. Spelling, it seems obvio..
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ID Card Centre Get SMART
ID Card Centre are pleased to announce a new addition to our printer range; introducing the IDP Smart Card Printers. For ease of use these printers have a plug and play functionality, real time print status and ribbon count displayed on the LCD screen. The IDP Smart Card printers are compatible with both PC and MAC and with options such as Ethernet network connection which allows multiple users to utilise the printer at one time. The printer can be upgraded from single to double sided and can either be supplied or upgraded with all the encoder and security options you would expect from a..
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Magicard Prima 4 Cleaning Cycle
Magicard Prima 4 Cleaning Cycle This is the first in our 'how to' series of videos, designed to help you through some of the more intricate processes you may come across. In this video we look at the Magicard Prima 4 Cleaning Cycle showing you the entire process from start to finish. Magicard Prima 4 Cleaning Cycle This 3 minute video will walk you through the cleaning cycle process for the Magicard Prima 4, remember your ID card printer needs to be cold before you can commence the cleaning cycle. If you have any queries regarding this cleaning cycle video, get in tou..
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Choosing Card Management Software
Card management software is very important for your ID card production as it’s the part you will interact with the most, therefore it is essential that it works well for you. There are many different options when it comes to choosing your software, including database integration, card encoding options, restricting access using logins and more than anything, usability and functionality. If you are only doing occasional cards then you can choose to print from MS word, paint, adobe or any other application, remember the printers just install as a standard printer driver so if you want to us..
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