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Top 5 Products You NEED To Take The Headache Out Of Event Badges!

When you’re in the midst of planning your next event, you need all the help you can get to ensure things run smoothly. Taking the headache out of the event badges is just one way to free you up to concentrate on other things.  

So what are the best products for producing event badges?

1. Badge printer hire

Events often mean you use a piece of equipment for a short period of time and then it’s packed away. Different events have different requirements, so though a badge printer will work for one occasion, it won’t necessarily meet your needs for the next.  The outlay on buying a different badge printer each time may be a bit excessive.

Evolis Pebble Ideal For Events

So what can you do?

We’d recommend hiring one instead. This will enable you to set the specification to meet the requirements of each event. Nothing improves efficiency and professionalism more than using the right kit.  You also don’t need to worry about getting CapEx budget approval as you can code it to your individual event budget.

2. Software for designing, managing, encoding and issuing ID cards

There are several out-of-the-box software solutions available for the design, management, encoding and issuance of ID cards and badges, the ones we recommend are CardExchange, CardPresso and, new to the market, EasyBadge.   Put simply, these packages are just what you need to take the hassle out of event badges. Being suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes, one piece of software can manage all your event ID card requirements.

But is that all they do? No!  You can also:

  • Store numerous card designs
  • Link to multiple databases
  • Use preloaded card designs or create your own using simple to use WYSIWYG editors and drag and drop functions
  • Add barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripes, chip and contactless smart cards

If you’re running a professional event, this will help you to give it the professional finish it needs.

3.  Bespoke flight cases 

If you have an ID card and badge printer, it’ll be top of your ‘must take’ list for an event. But it’s a precious piece of kit, and you need it to be in working order when it gets there. The best way to protect any badge printer, therefore, is to transport it in a custom made flight case. It’s also worth choosing one that has wheels, unbreakable carry handles, a pull along handle and flanges to allow padlocking. And the great thing is that a printer flight case can have enough space to fit several hundred cards, ribbons, and cables etc. as well. No extra baggage required.

4.  Pre-printed, pre-punched cards - to be personalised on site 

For when you’re keen to look ultra-slick you should consider having the background of your ID cards pre-printed. Various techniques can be used, including litho, digital, screen and foil printing technologies. And all smart or intelligent card technologies are available too, including Mifare, contact smart chips, magnetic stripes or proximity encoding. Add to that security features such as guilloche, UV, micro text, holofoil or hologram and embossing as well as signature panels (with additional anti-forgery techniques built into that if required), and all you’ll have left to do is personalise them.

5.  Badge racks

What would you prefer… laying out two hundred badges on a table for delegates to collect, knowing that within 5 minutes they’ll be all askew? Or… displaying your two hundred badges on a neat rack that you filled the day before and then locked up in its box? It’s a no-brainer, really, isn’t it?

Plus, a badge rack that caters for the number of badges you need will always take up less space and make your life easier. Does your head crave a smooth registration process and tidy desk? Use a badge rack…

So if you have an event on the horizon, and are keen to take the headache out of printing, transporting and displaying your badges, then please do give us a ring or have a look round our website. We’d be delighted to chat through your requirements and guide you on the best solutions for you.   

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