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Does my business need ID Cards?

Whether you use them to identify your employees, your company, your products or your brand – it’s highly likely that your business could benefit from an ID card or two!

ID Card

Staff ID Cards

Canny employers are cottoning on the fact that a staff ID card can do so much more than just identify an employee.  By printing on a technology card it can by synced with your building’s access control system, to your printer/copier for print and copy release and it can even be used for paying for lunch in the staff canteen with cashless catering. 

Top Tip:  Double it up as an employee benefit card to get discounts you’ve negotiated with local shops and businesses – valued employees are loyal employees!

Visitor Passes

First impressions count so don’t mess around with dog eared paper visitor passes when you can just as easily use high quality, uniquely branded visitor badges. 

Not only will your visitors be easily identifiable, by printing your emergency evacuation procedures on the back of the card you’ve covered off an important health and safety consideration.

Top Tip: Do visitors always forget to return their pass?  Then use it as a marketing opportunity – include your contact details and your website and a funny message. They won’t forget you in a hurry! 

Security Passes

Security personnel typically have access to more areas of a building or site than other employees so you need to make sure their passes allow them quick and easy access whilst also being clearly identifiable to staff, visitors and members of the public.

Top Tip:  Do your security staff often work alone?  Include their ‘in case of emergency’ contacts and medical information on the card – vital for first responders in case of an emergency.

Membership card

Gym & Health Club Cards

There is often more to the humble gym card than meets the eye… designed to do more than languish forgotten in the back of your wallet!  It’s used by the establishments themselves to ensure members are only using the facilities at their designated times, it also provides data on gym and facility usage helping gyms allocate staff and offer money saving off-peak deals. 

Did you know? Many gyms and health clubs now have lockers that are accessed using your gym card.

Ski Passes

Whether holiday makers, resort staff or instructors – almost everyone you encounter at a ski resort will be carrying photo identification.  Uniquely personalised with the details of your stay including validity dates and access rights they ensure the slopes and the lifts remain safe and enjoyable for all.

Cruise Ship ID Cards

Probably one of the hardest working bits of plastic on the ship! A cruise ID card or boarding pass becomes your passport, cabin key and credit or charge card once on board, meaning you can lock your valuables away in the safe and you only need to carry your pass with you. Every time your leave or board the ship or purchase something your card is swiped and verified.

Did you know? Cruise ship boarding passes, like ski passes, are often printed using a rewrite printer, allowing them to be used over and over again during the season – saving money and waste!

VitalID emergency ID

Construction Worker Identity Cards

Building and construction sites are undoubtedly very dangerous places. Not only is it important to ensure access to the site is very tightly controlled but also that the people who are on site have the correction authorisation and training to be there. ID cards for construction workers can give insight into their valid certifications, qualifications and authorisations and ensure you know exactly who in on-site at any given time, protecting not only your workers but your property too.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Information Cards

Whether your work on a construction site, in an office, as a delivery driver or on an oil rig – healthy and safety is important. How well do we really know our employees and colleagues? Do we know if they have allergies or medical complaints? Would we know who to contact in case of an emergency? By issuing all employees with ICE cards (or stickers) you can ensure this vital, life-saving information is available should the worst happen.

Membership CardsMembership card 2

We all fondly remember our Student ID card and the discounts it allowed us! Well if you have clubs or groups within your business why not replicant this feeling of exclusivity with the use of membership cards? Not only will they help identify your members and ensure important information is always at their fingertips, but they can open up access to specific membership only benefits!

Customer Loyalty / Discount Cards

There are very few major retailers that do not offer a loyalty scheme these days, which proves the validity of such schemes at improving customer loyalty, retention and spend. Don’t let the size of your business put you off of implementing your own – it does not need to be an electronic solution as a simple discount card issued to loyal customers can demonstrate to be just as effective.

Top Tip:  Membership and Loyalty Cards can be combined to offer two solutions with one card. Better still why not opt for a mini keyring tag? How many store cards do you currently have hiding in your wallet that you’ve forgotten about? If your companies card was on a keyring you would ensure your business and your brand stays front of your customer's mind.

We hope we’ve proven how ID cards be a major benefit to your business but this is by no means an exhaustive list of uses for plastic cards.   Over the year’s we’ve also printed:

  • Bus Passes
  • Library Cards
  • Access Control Cards
  • Door Entry Cards
  • MIFARE® Cards
  • HID Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Print & Copy Release Cards
  • Season Tickets
  • Gym & Health Club Cards
  • Training & Qualification Cards Club
  • Membership Cards
  • Name Badges
  • VIP Passes
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Reward Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Pricing & Labelling Cards
  • Advertising & Promotional Cards
  • Charity Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Calendars
  • Competition Cards
  • In Case of Emergency Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • MOT and Service Reminder tags
  • Service reminder tags
  • ‘If lost please return’ tags
  • Ice scraper
  • Wallet calendar
  • Wine tasting guide

If you can think of it then we can print it!

Give us a try today and see how we can help your business.

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