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What is Braille?
Braille is a universal communication system for the blind or partially sighted using a collection of 6 raised dots through vertical cells to allow a person to read through touch. Each cell represents letters, numbers and characters and there a variations from language to language. A blind or partially sighted person using braille is as literate as a sighted person; the only difference is the method in which they converse. There are 3 different grading levels to the Braille transcript: Grade 1 is for basic literacy. Each letter of the alphabet is represented in separate cells. Punctuation..
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Introducing IDP Smart Card Printer
The IDP Smart Card Printer is the newest and most economical card printer to be introduced to our product range. Easy to install and plug in, the printer has a ribbon cartridge which you can easily fit your ribbon and drop in, making it easy to replace but less regularly than before. The front allows for both loading of blank cards and ejecting of those printed and it really is the most cost effective printer currently available within the industry. Features include real time print status and ribbon count which is displayed on the front LCD screen as well as an automatic low ribbon alert. C..
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New Mifare Card Solution Exclusive to the ID Card Centre
Introducing ViscID The Adhesive, Printable Mifare Solution Do you need to make your cards multi-function but don’t want to lose the print space available by using a Mifare card sticker? Do you need to add Mifare Technology to your existing access control cards? Worried Mifare stickers, will rub off, peel or might not be robust enough to meet your long term requirements? Perhaps you don't want to have an unprintable area? ID Card Centre have the Mifare Card solution for you!!! ViscID We now have the perfect solution for you, a printable, Mifare card which you can pri..
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