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ID Cards and Fobs

  • Access Control
  • Biodegradable ID Cards
  • Coloured ID Cards
  • Plain ID Cards
  • Rewrite Cards
  • Secure Pre-Printed Cards

We supply a complete range of intelligent and non-intelligent ID cards.

Intelligent cards or Smart Cards are any cards that contain technology that enables the card user to perform a multitude of functions including access control, print and copy release, cashless vending and storing and communicating information and data such as financial transactions, loyalty cards and library cards.

You will find all of our intelligent ID cards or Smart Cards within the Access Control section, for more information see below.

Access Control Cards and Fobs

As we stock all of the major manufacturers of access control products we will be able to help you with your access control needs. If you’re not sure what product you’re currently using you can send us a photo or sample so we can identify and match it.

Some of the manufacturers we stock are Guardall, ACT, HID, Indala, Keri, MIFARE, PAC, Paxton, TDSi, Hitag, Legic, Bewator by Siemens, Salto, Impro, Farfisa, Videx, Kantech, Intelliprox, Entrotec, FDI Matelec, Fermax, Cotag.

Plastic and PVC cards

All of our non-intelligent cards are Premium brand Fotodek cards, ensuring consistently high quality prints every time, and reduced wear on the printhead.

There are various types of plain plastic card available so for ease we’ve categorised them as follows:

Biodegradable CardsPerform in exactly the same way as a standard white card but will decompose in to compost over 3 years

Coloured Cards A huge variety of coloured cards in various options including solid coloured core for a premium look

Plain White Cards Including mag stripe, pre-punched and Magicard pre loaded dispensers

Rewrite Cards For use with re-write printers these cards can be pre-printed in full colour and then personalised in black or blue using a thermo-sensitive material that turns visible or vanishes depending on the temperature applied by the rewrite printer.

Secure Pre-printed Cards

If you want a really professional look to your intelligent Smart Cards then we can pre-print the background design for you, incorporating any security features you may want such as holograms, guilloche patterns and UV. This leaves just the personalisation for you to do in house.

Alternatively if you want us to take care of all of the personalisation, including printing photos, personalised data and encoding of intelligent cards then have a look at our ID Card Printing Bureau section for information on our bureau service.

   Id Card Printing Bureau Enquiry

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W7 120 2009 access control card cheap smartcard proximity Guardall G Prox 120 2009 36 bit Proximity Cards pack 25

Guardall G-Prox 120-2009 36-bit Proximity Cards - pack 25

Manufacturers part number: W7-120-2009 Guardall G-Prox 120-2009 36-bit Proximity Cards - pack 25 ..

£115.00Inc Tax: £138.00

Honeywell Galaxy YXO-0004 Black keyfob

Honeywell Galaxy YXO-0004 Black keyfob

Honeywell Galaxy YXO-0004 Black keyfob  Proximity Keyfob Tag for for MAX and Keyprox Manufac..

£11.00Inc Tax: £13.20

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