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EasyBadge Software

Super-fast, super-easy ID badge printing

At the click of a mouse and with no training, EasyBadge™ software will help you to produce a wide range of ID cards. From a simple name badge to a complex encoded access control card, the software offers design templates and a step-by-step help function which can even carry out your tricky task if necessary.

Compatible with all major plastic card printers, EasyBadge™ has three flexible levels (Lite, Professional and Enterprise) to meet any budget and growth plans. The software also has a unique IOS or Android compatible app for phones and tablets. Wherever you are, with the app on your phone or tablet, you can capture photos and images, add and edit records, search the database and upload new records.

EasyBadge™ offers a secure cloud server to receive and control data from many locations.  Lost or stolen badges can be identified and reissued immediately. This software is ideal for universities and other multi-site organisations, as you can manage data from multiple sites and access data at any time. 

If you run a small business, club or organisation with a limited budget, the EasyBadge™ Lite option is perfect. Along with the free App and design wizard, you can manage up to 100 records from one database.  Need to print ID cards and badges with barcodes and encoded magnetic strips? Not a problem with EasyBadge™.

For organisations with a larger database to manage, EasyBadge™ Professional is the level for you. 

This mid-range software solution provides the capacity to manage unlimited records along with all the functionality offered by the design wizard and App.

EasyBadge™ Enterprise is the top-of-the-range software for the control and management of unlimited records from unlimited databases, plus MIFARE® encoding to NFC or contactless cards. This is an all-encompassing software for large multi-site businesses, organisations and institutions.

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EasyBadge ID Card and Badge Production Software

EasyBadge ID Card and Badge Production Software

EasyBadge ID Card and Badge Production Software EasyBadge is the latest badge and ID card productio..

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