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RFIdeas Card Readers

Model: 92-1023
About the WAVE ID Plus Mini V3 Black USB Keystroke Reader | RDR-80531BKU The WAVE ID Plus Mini is a small yet powerful credential reader that supports nearly all proximity and contactless credentials worldwide.It features four ID card configurations, auto-tuning for antenna, user-selectable ..
£189.00 Inc Tax:£226.80
Model: 92-1015
USB Mifare reader for use only with Mifare cards Manufacturers part code RDR-7581AKUIn stock for next working day delivery. ..
£178.35 Inc Tax:£214.02
Model: 92-1017
RF IDeas pcProx Plus Reader RDR-80581AKUThe RF IDeas pcProx Plus is a multi-card reader which combines the ability to read both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards.This keystroke reader eliminates the need for manual entry of card data and ensures error-free identificatio..
£189.00 Inc Tax:£226.80
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Minimising risk and saving resources with RF IDeas Card Readers

Multi-function printers (MFP) provide large organisations with a convenient business tool for faxing, copying, scanning and printing. However, there is a risk attached to the transfer of sensitive data. This risk is addressed and minimised with RF IDeas’ range of card readers for print and copy.

Employees are able to use their ID badge to access and interact with the company’s MFP, releasing the print job when they are present with a simple swipe of their ID card. Secure printing has never been easier.

The benefits brought by RF IDeas print and copy card readers are security, cost-saving, environmental improvement and flexibility. There are times when sensitive documents need to be printed but must not be seen by the entire office, the user can be on hand to collect the document only when they are present at the MFP.

Print jobs that are sent but never picked up from the printer is a massive waste of resources for companies. Using a card reader helps businesses to save money and unnecessary maintenance costs as only documents that are released by a user at the MFP will be printed.

With a card reader, the user’s print job can be sent to a range of available printers, either within the same office or even in another location. The print job is then ready for a meeting or for when the user arrives, with no need for carrying heavy loads of documents.

The RF IDeas pcProx Enrol is a USB reader for use with Mifare cards and the pcProx Plus is a multi-card reader which has the ability to read both 125kHz proximity cards and 13.56MHz contactless cards. The products eliminate the need for manual entry of card data, ensuring error-free identification and security throughout the workplace.