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How to Get the Best Quality Print for Your ID Cards
Understanding print engines and how they actually print your design can be complex, so here’s a summary of key information for you to ensure that your card designs are created with maximum print quality in mind. How our print engines work When we send a card design to print, it is the printer engine’s responsibility to read the contents of the design and convert it into a format that enables the printer to transfer the design onto a card. It’s looking for all sorts of different elements of a design including colours, images and text. Printing text from flattened file types A ‘flat’..
All You Need to Know About ID Card Centre and BPMA
At ID Card Centre, we’re privileged to be a part of the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association). You might be wondering; what is the BPMA – and what does this mean for ID Card Centre and, more importantly, what does it mean for you as our customers? Find out all you need to know about our BPMA in this short but informative blog! What is the BPMA? The BPMA is a professional body that offers advice and guidance to buyers based on the wide range of companies that are BPMA members. Every BPMA member must adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that high standards of quality, a..
Is Your Visitors' Book Breaking GDPR Law?
Do you have a visitors’ book containing personal information such as names, car registrations and any type of contact details? Sometimes just adding the name of a business can be as good as giving out contact details – particularly if it’s a sole trader. If you have a visitors’ book, please go through this checklist to see if you’re at risk of a GDPR breach. Can visitors see information about earlier visitors when they sign in? This is probably a data privacy breach. Standard signing-in books do not comply with GDPR. What happens if somebody walks off with your visitors..
Exciting News from the ID Card Centre Team!
We’ve got some exciting news to bring you here at ID Card Centre! After a long period of consistent growth, ID Card Centre have been selected as finalists for the Northamptonshire Business Awards! As a team we we’re extremely excited to discover this, and it’s rewarding to see our hard work and effort being recognised by an official award. We’re a very proud office right now! ID Card Centre has seen a real period of growth in recent times, which has meant that the whole team has had to adapt to the changes that have come as a result. New processes and operations are always being introdu..
Welcome Tony! ID Card Centre's Stock Room Controller
We have a new member of the team here at ID Card Centre! Tony Joins us as a stock room controller and will be keeping our stock in check! When he’s not meticulously organising our ever-growing stock, Tony is responsible for packing all orders and preparing them for shipping! As ID Card Centre continues to grow, Tony has already been a valuable addition to the team, introducing new systems and checks to refine our processes even more! Outside of work, Tony enjoys doing lots of walking. At the weekend he often ventures up to the Peak District where he hikes across the rolling hills, somet..
Reasons to Recycle Every Personalised ID Card, Badge Printer and Ribbon
If your name badges and ID card printer ribbon end up in the bin, and if your card printer goes through the same ‘end of life’ recycling process as your other hardware, you could be: Breaking data protection law (with name badges and ID card printer ribbon) Missing out on product and service discounts for recycling Contradicting your organisation’s environmental policy Missing out on printer trade-in deals. Here’s how it works. 1 Name badges, ID card printer ribbon and GDPR Failing to destroy material displaying personal information, or holding too much personal info..
Introducing William Clarke - Digital Marketing Apprentice!
It’s about time we introduced our newest addition to the office!  William joined us at the end of the Summer as a digital marketing apprentice, and is working away behind the scenes to make sure our online presence is kept spick and span! William is also leading the printing bureau - so all your card design and print jobs go through him! From adding and adjusting products on the website to posting updates on social media, William has been busy since starting at the end of August but has quickly settled into the fast-paced office environment! He’s responsible for designing new graph..
CardExchange Go - an entry level badging solution
As I’m sure most of you are aware, CardExchange is a card designing and printing software which offers many fantastic functions. These distinct functions can be acquired dependant on what level of CardExchange software you have. The 5 main editions of CardExchange Producer available are as follows: CardExchange Go – Entry level ID badging solution CardExchange Premium –Mid level ID badging solution CardExchange Professional –High level ID badging Solution with extended database connectivity CardExchange Business – Top-level inline encoding and badge producing solution CardExchange En..
New Year, New Member Checklist for Gym Managers
Gym managers and owners need to make the most of January’s annual new member influx. New member gym registrations increase – it’s thought that 12% of all fitness centre memberships are taken out in the New Year period. You need to be ready to open your gym to new members in January – many will turn up without calling in advance. Use the final weeks of this year to order in your new gym membership cards and perhaps hire or even buy a plastic card printer to help minimise the cost of managing the rush. Here’s a new members’ preparation checklist for gym managers and owners to work ..
Welcome to Kayleigh Vaughan - Office Administrator
Many of you will already have had the pleasure of dealing with Kayleigh on the phone by now but (now that she’s passed her probation with flying colours!) we’d like to officially welcome her to ID Card Centre! Kayleigh joined us three months ago to fill a new role of Office Administrator which as well as being heavily customer service focussed, involves keep the rest of us in check!  On a day to day basis Kayleigh deals with finance queries and assists with quotes and sales and she is now starting to develop new business and manage key accounts.  On top of all that she also looks ..
How can you print Braille on an ID card?
A case study... We work with a lot of public sector organisations and produce many different types of cards and passes so when we were approached to create ID cards for a tourist board we knew we could fulfil their brief. The brief The client was looking for a standard credit card sized ID Card to feature a brand new, eye catching design to the front, and also include the holder's photo and name.  The rear of the card would be printed with generic information regarding what to do with a lost card if it was found. The cards also needed to be compatible with their existing s..
You’re never fully dressed without an access card or key fob
The risks posed by online hackers are well documented but you should also pay attention to the physical threat of theft or malicious damage caused by having an open door and easy access to your workplace. Whether your organisation deals with sensitive and confidential material or not, regulating who has access to your premises to keep your assets and employees safe is a basic security requirement. Selecting the right access control system for your business opens up a world of useful features – from regulating entry around certain areas to accurate printing and even buying lunch cash-free. W..
Are you bored of your pricing labels?
       Did you even realise there are fun, eye-catching pricing solutions available that don’t cost the earth and take hours to make? Labels that can display not just the price but vital information on ingredients, uses for the product, special offer details or vital allergen information? Labels that can cost as little as 9p each?! Then we’d like to introduce to you our plastic pricing signs. Sell more! Customers buy what they know and understand.  Fact How many times have you stood at a busy counter, can’t work out what is what or ma..
ID Card Security Features
Here is the final instalment of this trilogy of blogs on ID Card security and encoding options.  Today we’ll take a look at some card security features that you may wish to consider for your ID cards. Why would you add additional security features to the physical card itself?  The best answer to this question is to stop forgery.  Take out your driving license and have a look over the texture and background of the card. You will see numerous types of added security which are incredibly tricky to replicate effectively.  Tilt your card in the light and you can see sev..
ID Card Centre Case Study - In Case of Emergency Cards
When a large Utility company approached us looking for In Case of Emergency cards for their lone workers we had the perfect solution to offer them. The Brief We were contacted by one of the largest energy, phone and broadband providers in the country as they were looking for a way of giving their team of 1800 lone workers a uniform way of carrying in case of emergency contact information with them at all times. The Solution Whilst we could have suggested a full-size ID card, in this instance we felt our mini tags were more suited to the job.  ..
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