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06 Mar NEW - Durable paper cards – An eco-solution for your event badge printing
Lydia 0 129
A lot of businesses nowadays are realising the importance of a lower carbon footprint, especially in the printing industry. Companies are becoming more and more aware of how eco-friendly their products or services are; or should be. Reducing the amount of non-recyclable plastics bought in or produced by your company can improve the outlook of your ..
02 Mar 5 Plastic Card Printer Maintenance Tips
William 0 214
Desktop plastic card printers are brimming with technology to ensure smooth ID card printing runs and exceptional print quality. To optimise the longevity of performance, you need to know how to maintain your smart card or ID card printer to keep it in good condition.Here are five easy tips for maintaining your identity card printer: Cleanin..
25 Feb 7 Types of Plastics and How to Recycle Them
William 0 318
7 Types of Plastic That You Use Every Day – And How To Recycle ThemMost of us use many types of plastic daily. You’re probably holding a smartphone, tablet or mouse containing a large plastic component as you read this blog. Perhaps you’re sitting on a plastic chair reading from a plastic screen. The uses for plastic seem endless, and plastic tur..
17 Jan How to Fix a Broken Printer Ribbon
William 0 288
If you use a plastic ID card printer, you’ll be familiar with the colour printer ribbon or film that goes inside. Now picture this scene.You’re on-site at an event with a dye sublimation printer. You’ve got your ID card printer set up and it’s working well, producing passes for this evening’s event. Suddenly there’s a horrible noise and yo..
07 Jan RPET Lanyards and Global Plastic Pollution
William 0 293
In the UK, we use around 7.7 billion plastic bottles per year. That’s an average of 117 bottles per person, every year!To meet the demand, nationwide we produce around 15 million single-use PET plastic bottles every day- more than 50% of which end up in landfill or, even worse, our oceans.[1] Sounds bad, right?So what’s the solution?You may..
16 Dec Merry Christmas from ID Card Centre 2019
Ciaran 0 147
Meet Eddie the Elf. Eddie the Elf has been keeping us company in the office as Christmas draws closer and closer.Eddie has been spending time with all of us to make sure we’re all keeping up our festive spirit. He’s also been helping in the warehouse and on the phone!Most importantly Eddie has been leading this year’s Christmas charity ca..
03 Dec What Attachments Can I Have on my Lanyards?
William 0 169
What Lanyard Accessories Are Available? Lanyards are a versatile accessory. Did you know that there is a huge range of lanyard attachments designed to hold whatever you want to clip on the end of your lanyard? They’re no longer just for badges and passes; there’s now even a mobile phone lanyard clip.Although the..
08 Nov Welcoming Terry and Kate to the ID Card Centre Team!
William 0 87
We are pleased two introduce two new members to the growing ID Card Centre team- Terry and Kate!Terry joins the team as a warehouse assistant, working alongside Phil in the picking and packing of goods. Other day to day duties include managing the receipt of goods and stock levels.Terry’s a football fan, and there are now three Arsenal supp..
04 Nov ID Card Centre Review the Datacard CR805 Retransfer Printer
0 173
We were delighted to review the exceptional Entrust Datacard CR805 printer, which can produce stunning, high-security plastic ID cards. This review assesses print quality, physical security and the printer’s optional Card Lamination Module (CLM) and tactile impression feature.Part of Entrust Datacard’s UK range of retransfer printers, the CR805..
25 Oct Bonfire Night 2019 Safety Tips from ID Card Centre
0 98
Hi-vis Safety Accessories for Bonfire NightBonfire night safety is on the mind of everyone organising an event on Guy Fawkes night, particularly if it includes a fireworks display. In addition to professional fireworks events management and crowd control/security training, there are many easy and low-cost Bonfire Night safety measures. ..
21 Oct On-site Event Badge Printing
0 184
Without a badge printing machine at the door, conference name badge printing is difficult, especially when you have to cater for last-minute bookings. Without an event badge holder, distributing badges efficiently is tricky.ID Card Centre provides an end-to-end event badging system that can help with your preparation, badge accessories, ..
27 Sep A Trio of Awards for ID Card Centre Ltd!
0 695
Thursday 26th September, 7pmThe annual SME Northamptonshire Business Awards, hosted at Northampton’s Royal and Derngate Theatre, is about to begin. Outstanding businesses and businesspeople from across the county have gathered together hoping to win an award and to celebrate each other’s successes.Building on last year’s triumphs, Ben and..
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