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05 Feb 6 Top Tips to Run A Successful Event
Lucy 0 91
6 Top Tips to Run A Successful EventIf you've been asked to plan an event, don't worry, ID Card Centre is here to help!With long term planning and a clear objective, you can be certain your event will run seamlessly. Applying these straight forward tips that we have provided will help you transform any event into an unforgettable experience f..
11 Jan Custom Event Pass Printing: On-Demand Large Format Badges
Lucy 0 411
Branding is a crucial element to the success of events. It's important to create a well-known identity that resonates with your audience, and that doesn't stop at advertising. Your tickets, passes or badges are also part of the experience, and that means adding custom business designs alongside any personalisation. Why use custom event passes..
02 Jan Best ID Card Printers for 2024
Lucy 0 720
Last Updated on 10th January 2024In the fast-evolving world of security and identification, the right ID card printer can make all the difference. At ID Card Centre, our deep expertise and extensive experience in this field guide our detailed reviews of the best ID card printers for 2024.Our expert team rigorously evaluates each printer for k..
28 Nov Enviricard Paperboard Cards: Ideal for Sustainable ID and Gift Cards
Lucy 0 391
Launching enviricard® paperboard cards Plastic cards are ideal for a number of consumable cards, including access control cards, gift cards, staff ID cards, loyalty cards, key cards and more, but for instances where they only need to be used in a short-term setting, they're less than ideal. PVC is only recyclable under specific circumstances, a..
23 Nov NHS Trusts to Adopt Barcode Scanning by 2024: A Guide to the GS1 Mandate
Lucy 0 300
NHS Trusts to Adopt Barcode Scanning by 2024: A Guide to the GS1 MandateIn 2023, the UK government set out a mandate to ensure that all trusts across the country are compliant with GS1 barcode standards by March 2024. This mandate was brought about by the urge to improve patient care and decrease costs, as well as introducing digitally enhanced..
24 Oct Introducing the Evolis Agilia: A perfect solution for your ID card printing needs
Lucy 0 400
Designed for improving your ID card production, the Evolis Agilia is a high quality, cost-effective, durable retransfer printer that can deliver unimaginable images in 600dpi resolution. The retransfer technology does an excellent job at printing onto cards using an ink ribbon and film. There are many great features about the Evolis, including:..
20 Oct Public Sector Royal Cypher Rebranding
Tom 0 292
Public Sector Royal Cypher RebrandingThe coronation of King Charles III maybe some months behind us now, however we are still getting a regular number of enquiries as public service organisations look to update their logos to include the new royal cypher. The new royal cypher sees a shift in both key components. Not only the monogram, which..
24 Jul Your Guide to Plastic ID Card Printing in 2023
Lucy 0 8586
Table of Contents1. Your Guide to Plastic ID Card Printing2. How Do Plastic Card Printers Work?3. Buying a Printer vs Outsourcing to a Print Service4. Simplex vs. Duplex Printers5. ID Card Security Features6. ID Card Printers for Healthcare7. ID Card Printers for Education8. ID Card Printers for Government9. Technical Support for..
07 Jun Rainbow Lanyards: A Must-Have for Pride Events
Lucy 0 697
What are rainbow lanyards?Showing your support for matters that are important to you is crucial for many people, and that includes the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Rainbow lanyards with the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag are ideal for showing your support.Pride lanyards have a useful metal trigger clip so you can attach important objects, such as keys, ..
05 Jun ID Cards: What Goes on the Back of Your ID Card?
Lucy 0 529
When you’re preparing to introduce ID cards to your business, it’s likely that you’ll already have the front of your card already designed. With a photo ID, the name of the card’s owner, their job title, an expiration date and any company branding, the front of the card is the most important – but printing on the reverse of the card is also usefu..
31 May Mobile Credentials: The Future of Access Control
Lucy 0 562
Access control systems are commonplace in most buildings, with organisations in the retail, corporate, healthcare, and financial sectors all using the highest security measures possible. Using smart technology fobs and cards, the users of your building can swipe readers at doors to enter and exit certain areas. That means access can be denied for..
25 May The Evolis Primacy 2: A Complete Printing Solution
Lucy 0 899
Intro: what is the Primacy 2? How does the Primacy 2 compare to the original Primacy?For entire printing solutions, the Evolis Primacy 2 is the ideal solution. It is cost-effective but still offers high-end features, such as rewriteable technology, intelligent colour matching, and data security features such as digital erasing and Kineclipse® tec..
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