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Contactless Technology Cards

Model: 21-5000-HW-34
PVC Proximity Card encoded to 34-bit N10002 FormatThese cards are encoded with your site code and sequential number range as specified.Manufacturer Part Number:  These are compatible Honeywell OHP0N34 OmniProx cards.ID Card Centre Part Number:  21-5000-HW-34Pack Size: 100 CardsMi..
£3.95 Inc Tax:£4.74
Model: 21-1060-ID-C
Compatible Prox B ISO Cards – Pack of 100Printable Proximity Cards for £160 per pack of 100Product Type: Printable PVC Cards, Proximity CardsCard Thickness: 760 micron Technology: 125kHz Proximity Format: ISOProxFrequency: 125kHzAbout Prox B ISO Printable Proximity Card ..
£160.00 Inc Tax:£192.00
Model: 21-1104
Cotag IB958-10 Passive ISO Proximity Cards (Pack of 10)Manufacturer: Cotag/VanderbiltPack Size: 10Product Type: PVC CardCard Size: 54mm (W)  x 86mm (H) x 0.76mm (D) (CR80)About the Cotag IB958-10 Passive ISO Proximity CardsThese IB958 Cotag factory encoded ISO cards are an id..
£219.00 Inc Tax:£262.80
Model: 21-5102-WB
EM4200 125kHz RFID Silicone WristbandsPack size: 10Colours available: Black, red, green, blue, yellowAbout EM4200 125kHz RFID Silicone WristbandsThese RFID silicone wristbands are a great solution for organisations that need to implement keyless technology combined with practicality...
£19.00 Inc Tax:£22.80
Model: 21-5102
EM4200 White PVC 125KHz Prox CardsProduct Code: 21-5102Pack size: 100 cardsMaterial: PVCPersonalisation: Can be printed with any plastic card printer.  If you would like us to print the cards for you please contact us for a quote.Applications: Access control, time and attendance,..
£59.00 Inc Tax:£70.80
Model: 21-1105-4K-EV3
MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 4K Cards - Pack of 100Manufacturer Part Number: DS4KEV3Pack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 MicronTechnology: MIFARE®Format: MIFARE® DESFire®Frequency: 13.56MHzManufacturer: MIFARE® About MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 4..
£195.00 Inc Tax:£234.00
Model: 21-1105-8K-EV3
MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 8K Cards Pack of 100Manufacturer Part Number: DS8KEV3Pack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 MicronTechnology: MIFARE®Format: MIFARE® DESFire®Frequency: 13.56MHzManufacturer: MIFARE® About MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 8K ..
£295.00 Inc Tax:£354.00
Model: 21-1040
NXP MIFARE® Classic EV1 1K Plain White Cards Pack of 100MIFARE® Classic 1k Cards Genuine NXP MIFAREWe only supply genuine MIFARE® Classic cards.Product Code: 21-1040Pack Size: 100 (Packs of 10 available)Product Type: PVC Cards, Plain White, ContactlessManufacturer: NXPTec..
£46.75 Inc Tax:£56.10
Model: 21-1105-EV1-8K
NXP MIFARE DESFire 8K EV1 CardsManufacturer Part Number: MF3ICD81Pack Size: 100About the NXP MIFARE DESFire 8K EV1 CardsKnown for it’s advanced features, these CR80 (86mm x 54mm) MIFARE Cards are great for contactless applications due to it’s built in EV1 chip. This can include:..
£139.99 Inc Tax:£167.99
Model: 875-001A
Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)Manufacturer: PaxtonProduct Type: PVC Cards, Proximity CardsCard Thickness: 820 micronTechnology: Switch2Format: ISOProxFrequency: 125kHzColour: Green or AmberAbout the Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)Use with Compact and Switch2 systems All u..
£39.00 Inc Tax:£46.80
Model: 21-5100-30-TK
This 125Khz Em4102 adhesive coin tag is ideal for adding a second technology to an existing 13.56Mhz access control card or for adding to any non-technology items. It is a solid plastic token and is 30mm in diameter and has a 3M adhesive backing which makes it a long lasting option.  Sold in pac..
£109.00 Inc Tax:£130.80
Model: 21-1030-50-GN
Paxton Switch 2 Proximity 50 card pack greenManufacturer: PaxtonProduct Type: PVC Cards, Proximity CardsCard Thickness: 820 micronTechnology: Switch2Format: ISOProxFrequency: 125kHzAbout Paxton Switch 2 Proximity 50 Card PackUse with Compact and Switch2 systems All users are valid..
£215.00 Inc Tax:£258.00
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