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Model: 21-1040-BAM 
Bamboo MIFARE 1k Chip Cards are ideal for secure, eco-friendly access control use. Featuring a MIFARE 1k chip, you can store necessary data and swipe readers at entry and exit points to grant access, introduce cashless vending, or use them for smart identification. Crafted from bamboo materi..
Model: 21-1040-FOB-BAM
Bamboo MIFARE 1k Chip Fobs offer a perfect solution for eco-conscious and reliable access control. These fobs are equipped with a MIFARE 1k chip, enabling the storage of essential data and effortless swiping at entry and exit points.With their secure functionality, they are suitable for granting..
Model: 21-1048-30-TK
MIFARE® 1K Coin Tag 30mm - Pack of 100Pack size:  100 stickersIDCC Part Number: 21-1048-30-TKSize: 30mm diameter Format: MIFARE® ClassicMemory Size: 1KB of read/write memoryColour: WhiteMaterial: PlasticManufacturer: NXPAbout MIFARE® 1K Coin Tag 30mmEncode ..
£82.50 Inc Tax:£99.00
Model: 21-1048-30-TK-NS
MIFARE® 1K Coin Tags 30mm Non-Adhesive IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-30-TK-NSSize: 30mm diameter Format: MIFARE® ClassicMemory Size: 1KB of read/write memoryColour: WhiteMaterial: PlasticManufacturer: NXPAbout MIFARE® 1K Coin Tags 30mm Non-Adhesive Encode and read ..
£0.83 Inc Tax:£0.99
Model: 21-1105-4K-EV3
MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 4K Cards - Pack of 100Manufacturer Part Number: DS4KEV3Pack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 MicronTechnology: MIFARE®Format: MIFARE® DESFire®Frequency: 13.56MHzManufacturer: MIFARE® About MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 4..
£195.00 Inc Tax:£234.00
Model: 21-1105-8K-EV3
MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 8K Cards Pack of 100Manufacturer Part Number: DS8KEV3Pack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 MicronTechnology: MIFARE®Format: MIFARE® DESFire®Frequency: 13.56MHzManufacturer: MIFARE® About MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 8K ..
£295.00 Inc Tax:£354.00
Model: 21-1040
NXP MIFARE® Classic EV1 1K Plain White Cards Pack of 100MIFARE® Classic 1k Cards Genuine NXP MIFAREWe only supply genuine MIFARE® Classic cards.Product Code: 21-1040Pack Size: 100 (Packs of 10 available)Product Type: PVC Cards, Plain White, ContactlessManufacturer: NXPTec..
£46.75 Inc Tax:£56.10
Model: 21-1105-EV1-8K
NXP MIFARE DESFire 8K EV1 CardsManufacturer Part Number: MF3ICD81Pack Size: 100About the NXP MIFARE DESFire 8K EV1 CardsKnown for it’s advanced features, these CR80 (86mm x 54mm) MIFARE Cards are great for contactless applications due to it’s built in EV1 chip. This can include:..
£139.99 Inc Tax:£167.99
Model: 21-1105-EV1-2K
NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 2K Plain White Cards - Pack of 100MIFARE® DESFire 2k Cards Genuine NXP MIFAREWe only supply genuine MIFARE® DESFire cards.Product Code: 21-1105-EV1-2KPack Size: 100 (Packs of 10 available)Product Type: PVC Cards, Plain White, ContactlessManufacturer: NX..
£255.00 Inc Tax:£306.00
Model: 21-1042-FOB-ST
About our Salto MIFARE 4KB reusable key fobs Salto MIFARE® 4KB reusable key fobs in blue.New 7 Byte UID Version10 Per PackSalto Virtual Network compatibleCustomised colours are available - please get in touch with us for details.Manufacturer Code: PFM01KB ..
£82.50 Inc Tax:£99.00
Pack size: 5Colour: BlueAbout the Salto WBMO1KBM 1K Blue WristbandThese contactless RFID silicone bracelets are comfortable, easy to wear and a good alternative to classic key fobs and cards.  A convenient solution for commercial and industrial applications, with a durable housing for ru..
£16.25 Inc Tax:£19.50
Model: 21-1046
MIFARE® Classic 1K Sticker 27mm Round – Pack of 100Our Best Selling MIFARE Sticker!Manufacturer Part Number: MF-1K-SAIDCC Part Number: 21-1046Size: 27mm diameter Technology: MIFARE® Classic (Range approximately 4-10cm)Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memoryStandard: ISO 144..
£75.00 Inc Tax:£90.00
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All the MIFARE® plain white cards are high-quality products that can be printed and personalised with any plastic card printer. Alternatively, talk to ID Card Centre if you’d like a higher quality pre-print or additional security features on your MIFARE® cards.

A thorough access control system with PIN pads, access cards or key fobs and card readers at entry points is essential to regulate access within your business or organisation. ID Card Centre understands that your location may include areas that contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or personal financial data. Restricting access to these areas reduces the risk of a security breach.

Accurate cards or key fobs – whichever suits your business best – allow access through the controlled doors, and can be disabled from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned when someone leaves the company.  Access control gives organisations the security and flexibility they need. Access can be restricted by area or even by time – only allowing access to users at certain times of day or night.

With all the major manufacturers’ access control equipment available, ID Card Centre can supply the cards, card readers, PIN pads, key fobs and lanyards to fit your existing system and advise you on the purchase of the most secure, reliable and cost-effective system for your organisation.

Gymshark Testimonial "Needed a really quick turn around for an event we put on, the service was second to none and the product was perfect, just what we needed."