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Model: ID-PR00300001
About the Matica MC310 ID Card Printer The Matica MC310 direct-to-card printer aims to streamline the card printing process for all industries with its easy setup, slick design, and fast print speed. An advanced print engine enables an impressive print speed, the MC310 is capable of printing 1..
£1,111.81 Inc Tax:£1,334.17
Model: 34-3300-EV-BUN
enviricard® Printer Bundle with Magicard 300 Our eco-friendly bundle is designed to save you both money and the hassle of assembling the essential products for producing high-quality ID cards. Each item included in this cost-effective package has been put together and tested by our team of expert..
£1,199.00 Inc Tax:£1,438.80
Model: AG1-0001
Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printer The all-new Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printer is ideal for businesses that are looking to achieve flawless printing. Produce stunning, high resolution and consistently delivered cards at an unrivalled resolution of 600dpi. The Agilia delivers print after ..
£2,950.00 Inc Tax:£3,540.00
Model: PM2-0001-E
Evolis Primacy 2 Plastic Card Printer Manufacturer Part Number: PM2-0001-E Introducing the Primacy 2 by Evolis. This revolutionised Primacy offers everything that the original model does, but with many new features and capabilities too! With faster print speeds and an all-new 200 card input ho..
£1,025.00 Inc Tax:£1,230.00
Model: 36-2040
Introducing the brand new IDP Smart 21S Single-Sided Card Printer The IDP Smart 21S is an easy-to-use desktop ID card printer that is designed to be lightweight and compact. It’s a perfect entry-level printer offering instant ID cards for low-level demand. Please note printers are not supplied..
£525.00 Inc Tax:£630.00
Model: 36-2030-RW
IDP Smart 31R Single Sided Rewrite Card Printer The Smart printer delivers reliability, performance, ease of use and a real value for money that no other printers can match. Direct thermal rewrite print method Free Software - Includes EasyBadge Lite (Normally £145 – compatible with Window..
£795.00 Inc Tax:£954.00
Model: 36-3055
IDP Smart Bit Ribbon Shredder About the ribbon shredder The Smart Bit ribbon shredder is a fast and convenient way to dispose of used card printer ribbons. As you likely will have noticed, used ribbons contain all the printed data on the surface of the ribbon, making them harder to safely dispose ..
£575.00 Inc Tax:£690.00
Model: 34-3300
Magicard 300 ID Card Printer The Brand New High-Performance Printer from Magicard Available With A Free Dual-Sided Upgrade!  The Magicard 300 card printer is here. The next-generation printer from Magicard boasts a wide range of features and upgrades that are guaranteed to impress you and assi..
£895.00 Inc Tax:£1,074.00
Model: ID-MC110
Matica MC110 ID Card Printer The Matica MC110 is an entry-level ID printer that uses the reliable print engine from Matica’s MC direct-to-card range to produce vibrant, colourful cards, perfect for personalisation and for those printing up to 1,000 cards annually. Despite being entry-level, it ca..
£990.00 Inc Tax:£1,188.00
Model: ID-MC210
Matica MC210 ID Card Printer The Matica MC210 is a reliable mid-range direct-to-card printer that's built and ensures reliable and consistent performance. Its Italian design is stylish, and its compact size allows it to sit on any desk or countertop for on-the-spot ID printing. The MC210 comes..
£1,270.00 Inc Tax:£1,524.00
Model: 38-3000-BUN
Pointman Nuvia N10 ID Card Printer Bundle  The Pointman Nuvia N10 bundle. This bundle offers the full solution for printing high-quality ID cards on a budget.  Featuring a user-friendly single sided manual card feeder, the Pointman N10 simplifies the process – just insert your card into the ma..
£592.00 Inc Tax:£710.40
Model: 38-3010-BUN
Pointman Nuvia N15 Printer Bundle Introducing the Pointman Nuvia N15, a cost-effective and compact ID card printer designed to deliver high-quality ID cards without breaking the bank. With its affordability and versatility, this printer caters to a wide range of industries such as healthcare, gov..
£790.00 Inc Tax:£948.00
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With our knowledge and experience, we will ensure that you receive the best service and will provide you with the best ID card printer for you and your organisation

We pride ourselves on finding the best solution that suits your needs at the best price and will match the price if you find it cheaper elsewhere

Get the right ID card printer for the right job.  

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with an ID card system in your business or organisation, the next big question is, ‘which is the right card printer for us?’ The printer is the most important component in any ID card system, so think carefully about your choice – and get some expert advice.

Not sure which ID card printer best fits your needs? Look at our Printer Buying Guide so that you can make the right decision the first time.

What do you want from an ID card printer?

With such a vast range of ID Card/Badge Printers on the market, working out which printer will best suit you and your organisation can be confusing. Identifying which key features of an ID Card Printer are essential to your needs will assist you in making the correct decision when printing your own ID cards. 


What volume of cards are you looking to print, and over what period of time? Some printers are designed to produce a large quantity of ID Cards on demand over a prolonged period of time, whereas others are better for short, frequent print runs.

Print speed

To be considered in conjunction with your required print volume to determine the overall time required for each print job. Fast print speed is often high on the list of requirements for anyone printing ID cards on demand, such as events and reception areas. 


If security is high on your agenda, you will need to ensure the card printer you choose can provide a range of security features such as a secure overlay or encoding to prevent your ID cards and ID badges being cloned.


The features of each printer generally guide the variance in price across the card printer portfolio, so if you’ve worked out what is and isn’t important and essential to your operation, you can then make the best purchasing decision for your business.

Consider whether features that may cost a premium are essential to you, such as:

  • Dual-sided printing – could you use a single-sided printer and manually flip the card instead?
  • Enhanced print quality – if you’re only printing monochrome text, you may not need a printer that prints at 600dpi.
  • Do you want full edge-to-edge (over-edge) print?  Then you’ll need a retransfer printer.
  • Do you need to encode the cards?  You’ll need an encoder!
  • Think you might want to upgrade in the future?  Go for a printer with modules you can add later, allowing you to upgrade your machine to a dual-sided printer or add a laminator or encoder.


Each feature contributes to the overall price. However, some careful planning and consideration from the outset will ensure you choose a printer that suits your needs now and in the future. After all, a good investment stands the test of time.

To further evaluate which printer may best suit your needs, we have created a Printer Buying Guide.


If you don’t want the outlay of owning an ID card printer, then renting is also an option.

By renting an ID card printer from ID Card Centre, you will receive a card printer that is perfectly suited to your needs and is ready for use straight out of the box.

ID Card Centre are ID experts, so contact us to receive expert guidance and advice on which ID card printer would best suit you at the best possible price; we will price match if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

At ID Card Centre, not only do we understand card printers inside out, we can offer a wide range of printers to purchase or to rent – Evolis, Magicard, IDP, Zebra, Datacard and Fargo printers – all the top brands with features to suit every need and budget. From single-sided to double-sided, with encoders, laminators, dye sublimation printers, retransfer printers – you name it, we can help!

Check out our wide selection of ID card printers to find the right printer for the right job at your organisation.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for dispatch. If you require your printer rental urgently, please contact us to discuss available options.

Direct-to-card ID card printers work by printing directly onto a plastic ID card using an ink ribbon. They are ideal for businesses with low to medium volume requirements, who are looking to print simple ID card designs.

Direct-to-card printers (also known as dye sublimation printers) are a budget-friendly option, with certain models offering a range of optional upgrades for dual-sided printing and encoding.

Retransfer ID card printers offer a more effective printer method. Instead of printing the design directly onto the ID card’s surface, the ink is deposited onto a retransfer film, which is then fused directly onto the card using heat.

This print process makes cards more durable but also means that designs can be printed edge-to-edge, with no white gap. This is ideal for all types of cards, including cards with an uneven finish, such as access control cards.

Despite being commonplace for desktop printers, inkjet technology is relatively new for ID card printing. The Fargo INK1000 now provides a cost-effective means to print PVC cards using inkjet technology.

The benefits of inkjet printers include easy-to-install cartridges as well as edge-to-edge printing, perfect for full card designs.

ID card printers are compatible with Windows as standard, but there are some models that are also compatible with Mac iOS and Linux systems. To view compatible printers, please use the ‘Printer Features’ filter on the left sidebar.

We offer a range of plain PVC and other material cards that are suitable for use with ID card printers.

All our cards are available in a range of sizes, from standard credit card sized (CR80), to 3UP keytags and even larger. We also offer different materials, including paper and recycled PVC.

If you require access control cards for your printed ID, we stock magstripe and contactless cards.

All stock items are dispatched same day if the order is placed before 3pm (weekdays only).

Choosing an ID card printer depends on your requirements as well as your budget. We offer printers suitable for a range of budgets, all with optional upgrades for encoding and single or dual sided printing.

If you would like more information on which ID card printer is best for you, please get in touch with a member of our expert team by calling us on 01604 422422 or by emailing [email protected].

With our IDAssist annual support plan, we’ll be on hand to assist you with anything you may need.

IDAssist offers a range of valuable benefits, including free installation and training, priority support through several channels, and free same day shipping on orders for ribbons or other consumables.

Get covered by IDAssist for a whole year for just £150!