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Elatec Fast Release Terminals

Model: 92-3601
Elatec TCPConv 3 Kit EU / UKProduct Code: TC3K-BT5EU / TC3K-BT5UKID Card Centre Code: 92-3701-EU / 92-3701-UK About the Elatec TCPConv 3 Kit EU / UKTCP3+Patch cable RJ45 SF/UTP 0.5m (CAB-E1)+PWA-UK+Inlay+TCP3 Box+Velcro Ellipse Type:  TCPConvStyle:  Enclosed unit Elatec offer..
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Elatec – the perfect fit for your print management system

Elatec offers German designed and manufactured close proximity contact and contactless readers that are highly configurable for use in many applications such as secure printing. 

Located near to a MFP (Multi-Functional Printer), Elatec fast release terminals offer companies a reliable and speedy way to manage ‘find me’ printing through installation on the network using a built-in Ethernet switch. Elatec technology works with a variety of USB plug-in card readers and is compatible with the majority of available card formats.

The terminals are extremely easy to install and operate and allow users to release their printing by presenting a valid card to the terminal. A green LED light will show that the printing has been authorised. The fast release terminal kit comes with a USB patch cable and UK power supply as standard with EU/US/AUS power supply available to order.

ID Card Centre is an authorised distributor of Elatec products and stocks two types of Elatec fast release terminals. Elatec products support the majority of card types so are an easy fit for many organisations.

The fast release terminal TCPConv adds a device, which is equipped with a USB or RS232 interface, into your local area network (LAN). A typical application is the extension of a network device, such as a network printer, by a local peripheral device. Simply insert the TCPConv into the existing LAN connection of your device via the 2 LAN ports which operate as a network switch.

In addition to the LAN connection, Elatec’s TCPConv 2 allows users to connect a device with USB or RS232 interface to an Ethernet network, again perfect for the extension of a network device such as a network printer, by a local peripheral device.