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Environmental Policy

At ID Card Centre we care about the environment

We hate waste but unfortunately it is inevitable, both with packaging but also errors, which do occasionally happen. To prevent as much waste as possible going into land fill we take the following steps: 

  • All of our waste is separated and all paper (which is first cross shredded), cardboard, plastic, glass and metal is sent for recycling
  • We donate some of the useful packaging to our local nursery - the kids love turning empty ribbon boxes into sculptures!
  • We have minimised office printing as much as possible and as such all invoices and statements are sent electronically
  • We strip our used printer ribbons down as much as possible and send the ribbon for secure destruction and recycling and the plastic elements for standard recycling
  • We reuse as many packing materials as we can - including boxes, air bags, bubble wrap and paper
  • We train our team to pack efficiently using minimal packaging whilst ensuring the goods are securely packaged
  • Any scrap PVC cards we generate are securely destroyed on site by a certified secure shredding company and are then taken to be recycled and turned into garden furniture, pens etc. We ensure that we receive a waste disposal certificate for all loads and copies are available upon request.
  • All defunct electrical equipment is disposed of under WEEE regulations.
  • Our used tea bags and coffee grounds are composted
  • We have installed solar panels on the office roof
  • We've replaced all of our office lighting with energy saving LED panels 

As we say, we hate waste, love the environment and care for what we do!

To download our Environmental Policy please click here.

How can we help you?

ID Card Centre - Recycling Service

We want to make the recycling and secure disposal of ID card and all related consumables as easy as possible for our customers. so we have several options available to assist you.  You can even earn money off your next purchase with us! 

ID card printer trade-in

You can trade in your old printer and we’ll give you money off your new one!  

If you have an old printer – no matter the age or condition - we will accept it as a trade in against a brand new Evolis, Magicard, Datacard or Fargo printer.

The old printer is sent back to the manufacturer, stripped down into component parts that can then be individually recycled, preventing it from going into landfill.

We accept any brand of ID card printer including Zebra, Magicard, Fargo, Evolis, Datacard, Nisca, Eltron, Matica, Polaroid, NBS and CIM.

For more information click here.

PVC card secure recycling

Most ID cards contain secure and personal data and therefore must be securely disposed of at the end of their life.  If you already use a secure shredding service, they may allow you to recycle your cards in with your paper if it's within their tolerance for 'contamination'.  However, if you don't use such a service and you want to securely dispose of your cars then you can send them back to us and we'll do it for you.  This applies equally to all types of PVC cards and badges.

Cost:  £0.50 per 500g.   

ID card printer ribbon secure recycling

Ribbons often get overlooked in terms of security, however they do contain all of the personal data that has been printed on the card so should also be securely disposed of.  It's generally not possible to shred them along with your normal office waste due to contamination.  Our secure service enables you to courier them back to us, we will separate the ribbons into the film and plastic components.  The plastic components will be sent for recycling and the film will be stored in our locked container ready to be collected by our secure shredding service.

Cost: £0.50 per ribbon.

Lanyard recycling

Lanyards can be tricky to recycle due to the mixed materials they contain.  Many lanyards can be used time and time again (some can even be washed!) and we would always recommend reuse as a first option.  However, if you have personalised lanyards that are no longer relevant, for example they display an old logo or were for an event that has passed then we can help you recycle them.  Our recycling partner will strip them down to the separate materials so the cloth, metal and plastic elements can be individually recycled.

Cost: POA

These services can be particularly useful for events and events companies.  Rather than leaving your PVC badges, used ribbons and lanyards on site - send them straight back to us from the event and we'll take care of them for you. 

Earn money back!  For every £1 spent on our recycling services, we'll give you a 50p credit off a future order.

To utilise our recycling service, give us a call today on 01604 422422 or email us at

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