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eMedia CS2 Card Production Software

eMedia CS2 Card Production Software

eMedia CS2 Card Production Software

Please note that this is not an instant download.

With endless options to customise your ID, membership, bank, customer loyalty and access cards, eMedia CS2 is the ultimate tool for plastic card design, compatible with all printer models.

This version has faster and improved navigation and can be moved between PCs an infinite amount of times.  Whilst it is single user software, it can simply be deactivated on one PC before being transferred and reactivated on another and this can be done up to 3 times, if you require any further activations, these will be charged at an extra rate.

If you would like to know how to transfer your software from one PC to another, please watch this video for more information.


Please note that eMedia CS2 will read existing eMedia Card Designer and eMedia CS templates. 


eMedia CS2 Product Details:

eMedia CS2 software comes in Standard and Professional editions so you can find the right level of functionality for your card printing requirements:

  • Professional plastic card design tool
  • User-friendly card designer and editor
  • Easily add text, images, barcode, QR codes and shapes
  • Connect to your database to directly read and modify your data
  • Import photos directly from a digital camera, smart phone or web cam
  • Edit pictures with built it tools to resize, crop, rotate and zoom
  • Card encoding options available, including magstripe and smart chips


eMedia CS2 Standard


  • Runs on all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, 32 or 64 bits 
  • Dual mode operations for design and printing.  Design mode can be password protected to prevent the design being altered.
  • Full on-line assistance guides you through tasks
  • Batch printing 
  • Connects to any Microsoft Excel datasheet
  • Mag stripe encoding

When purchasing Emedia software you should know that if required, you are legible for Level 2 technical support from the manufacturers at Mediasoft for a limited amount of time depending on the version of the software you purchase.

Level 1 technical support is provided by our Techincal support team at ID Card Centre.

Software Support information:

If you are looking to purchase the Standard edition, you will be supported for any technical issues for 3 years from the day you first activated your software.

If you are interested in purchasing the Professional edition, you will be supported for any technical issues for 6 years from the day you first activated your software

If you are intrigued in our Expert edition, you’ll be glad to know that the support time on this is not limited.

If after these time periods you are still requiring technical support help, there are two available options:

  • Proceed with the level 1 technical support we offer here at IDCC 
  • ID Card Centre will also offer further support which you can choose from,either our own annual service plan or ad-hoc support. (Charges for these options will depend on the support required)
  • A new license key can be purchased so you are fully covered for all levels of technical support required.

eMedia CS2 Professional


  • Connects to any standard database (Microsoft Access™, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle™, MySQL™) through ODBC & OLEDB connectors
  • Custom card sizes - ideal of extended and oversized cards
  • Smart Card and Contactless Smart Card / RFID tag encoding
  • Acquired image files can be stored in database fields
  • Select a record by barcode, magnetic strip or MIFARE card serial number with CoolReader technology
  • Use the COM Server to easily integrate eMedia into your own applications or documents
  • Extend the features of eMedia with third-party plug-ins
  • Signature Pad support


About  eMedia CS2

ID card customisation made simple

eMedia CS2 is the ultimate tool for plastic cards design. The software enables the design of ID badges, security and access control badges, transit passes, membership cards, customer loyalty cards, bank and payment cards and all types of official documents.

Available in Standard and Professional editions, the user-friendly design features of eMedia CS2 have been developed and refined over many years to work with eMedia Card Designer templates and to be compatible with all plastic card printers, laser and inkjet printers, ultra portable printers and Adobe PDF.

The flexible functionality allows you to customise both sides of your card with text, images, barcodes, QR-Codes and different shapes. Import photos from your digital camera, webcam or smartphone directly and then easily resize, crop, rotate and zoom your pictures. eMedia CS2 can also read and modify data in your database, encode magnetic strips and write the smart chip in a single operation.

For the more advanced card design, eMedia CS2 has powerful development tools including the capacity for formulas, scripting, plug-ins, COM server and Wifimage+ so there is really nothing that this software can’t produce.

e-Media CS2 has a design mode and operating mode to allow multiple users to work on data, design and editing at the same time. The system is password protected to prevent users from modifying or copying card designs and is also available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

If you have any further questions on the above information given, then please give us a call on 01604 422422

ID Software Solutions
Software TypeCard Management
Operating SystemWindows
Software FeaturesDatabase Integration,Contactless Encoding
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eMedia CS2 Edition FeaturesStandardProfessionalExpert
General & Design
Two Tiered Utilisation
Multilingual - English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Simplified Chinese.
Support & Help
Picture Acquisition
Picture Format
Picture Storage
Imaging Tools
Front & Back
QR Codes
Geometrical Figures
Custom Card Sizes-
Magnetic Strip
Smart Card-
Contactless Smart Card and RFID Tags - Through any contactless smart card application-
Contactless Smart Card and RFID Tags - Internal reading and encoding MIFARE 1K and 4K. Internal reading of 125KHz RFID tags--
Microsoft Excel™ Datasheets
Standard Databases - Microsoft Access™, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle™ and MySQL™-
Batch Printing
Pictures Storage - As path to files
Pictures Storage - As binary objects in SQL Server™ and Oracle™-
COM Server Features-
Wifimage +-
CoolReader™ Technology-
Signature Pad Support-
Software Key 
Single Computer License
Multiple Computer License--
eMedia CS2 Card Production Software
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