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Braille Stickers


Historically you would send your access or ID cards to be embossed to add a Braille facility to them and you couldn’t have braille on Access Control cards due to the damage that could be caused to the chip by embossing the card.

braille stickers

With our new clear braille stickers, we can add your required braille text and you can still see the print underneath. Once received the braille stickers are easy to apply. Your access and ID cards are just as effective to use but without any added expense or inconvenience.

Please note that there are limitations as to the amount of text that can fit on these stickers, as a general rule you can fit 4 lines of 13 Braille characters on a sticker - unlike the traditional alphabet, Braille does have "shortcuts" so a single character may represent two or more letters or even an entire word. If you are unsure of what would fit, please get in touch and give us an indication of your requirements and we can suggest a suitable layout for you.

We can produce stickers with individual text but these can work out cost prohibitive coupled with the fact that braille can be quite limiting as the amount of text that will fit on a credit card sized card is limited. Our experience has shown that best option is to create a generic short message which can be applied as and when required. 

These braille stickers can be used on most clean, dry surfaces and can be used outside the described scenarios above. If you need advice about our braille stickers uses then do get in touch.

Please note that we use Unified English Braille (UEB) as standard unless Standard English Braille (SEB) is specifically requested when ordering.

To order please call us on 01604 422422 or email

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Braille Stickers

Braille Stickers 83 x 40mm

Braille Stickers Enables Braille to be applied to existing ID and access control cards Does ..

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