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Magnetic Stripe Cards

Model: 695-573
Paxton Net2 Magstripe CardManufacturer: PaxtonManufacturers part numbers: 695-573, 695-573/50, 695-575/200Pack Size: 10 PackProduct Type: PVC Cards, Mag Stripe, Signature PanelTechnology: Net2Frequency: 13.56MHzCard Size: 86mm (w) x 55mm (h) x 0.8mm (d)About Paxton Ne..
£24.50 Inc Tax:£29.40
Model: 692-053
Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO Cards with Magstripe & Signature Panel 692-053 - (Pack of 500)Manufacturer: PaxtonManufacturer's SKU: 692-053Pack Size: 500Product Type: PVC CardsCard Thickness: 760 micronTechnology: Net2, Mag Stripe, 125kHz ProximityFormat: ISOProxFrequency..
£1,375.00 Inc Tax:£1,650.00
Model: 21-1020
Paxton Net2 ISO Proximity Cards with MagstripeManufacturer: PaxtonManufacturer's SKU: 692-448Pack Size: 10Product Type: PVC CardsCard Thickness: 760 micronTechnology: Net2, Mag Stripe, 125kHz ProximityFormat: ISOProxFrequency: 125kHzCard Size: 86mm (w) x 55mm (l) ..
£29.00 Inc Tax:£34.80
Model: 21-1040-C-MAG
Fudan 1k 13.56mhz with Hi-Co Mag StripeThese cards are compatible with most MIFARE systems and offer a cheap alternative to NXP MIFARE cards.Product code: 20-1040-C-MAGMag Stripe: 2750oe Pack size: 100  Card memory:  1k Frequency: 13.56 MHz ISO 14443A No battery required, contactles..
£39.85 Inc Tax:£47.82
Model: 21031
PAC Proximity Card with Blank HICO MagstripeManufacturers part number: 21031Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity Cards, Mag StripeCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz Proximity, Mag StripeFrequency: 125kHzAbout PAC Proximity Card with Blank HICO Mag..
£52.99 Inc Tax:£63.59
Model: 21-1040-MAG
NXP MIFARE® Classic EV1 1K Plain White Hi-Co Mag CardsManufacturer Part Number: 21-1040-MAGPack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, Plain White, Mag StripeCard Thickness: 760 MicronManufacturer: NXPTechnology: MIFARE®Format: MIFARE® ClassicAbout NXP MIFARE® Classic EV1 ..
£57.00 Inc Tax:£68.40
Model: HID-2000PG1MN
iClass Magstripe Card 2K2 26bit Printable - HID-2000PG1MN*Pack Size: 100Minimum Order Quantity: 100Type: PVC CardSlot Punch: NoFrequency: 13.56MHzMemory Type: 2k bits (256 bytes)Technology: iCLASS, Mag StripeFormat: iCLASSCard Size: 85.6mm x 54mmManufacturer: ..
£289.00 Inc Tax:£346.80
Model: 21-1042HC
MIFARE® Classic 4K Hi-Co Mag Cards pack of 100Manufacturer Part Number: 21-1042HCPack Size: 100Product Type: PVC Cards, Mag Stripe, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 MicronManufacturer: NXPTechnology: MIFARE®, Mag StripeFormat: MIFARE® ClassicFrequency: 13.56MHzAbout..
£104.99 Inc Tax:£125.99
Model: 21-1003
HID 1336 DuoProx II Printable Proximity Card with Mag / 26-bitManufacturers part number: HID 1336Dimensions: CR80 card 54mm x 85.7mm.  Thickness:  760 micron / 30 milPack Size: 50 CardsMinimum Order Quantity: 100 CardsType: Mag Strip, Proximity Cards, Printable PVC CardsT..
£420.00 Inc Tax:£504.00
Model: 21-1040-EM-MAG
EM4200 and MIFARE Classic EV1 1K and Magstripe Combined technology White PVC CardsProduct Code: 21-1040-EM-MAGPack size: 100 cardsMaterial: PVCPersonalisation: Can be printed with any plastic card printer.  If you would like us to print the cards for you please contact us for a quote..
£99.99 Inc Tax:£119.99
Model: 21-1003-HW-26
Honeywell HID OHP0M26 OmniProx PVC Card 26 bit with Magnetic Stripe N10002 FormatManufacturers part number: OHP0M26ID Card Centre part number:  21-1003-HW-26Dimensions: CR80 card 54mm x 85.7mmThickness:  760 micron / 30 milPack Size: 100 CardsMinimum Order Quantity: 100 Cards..
£4.35 Inc Tax:£5.22
Model: 21-1003-HW-34
Honeywell HID OHP0M34 OmniProx PVC Card 34 bit with Magnetic Stripe N10002 FormatManufacturers part number: OHP0M34ID Card Centre part number:  21-1003-HW-34Format: Honeywell N10002 Dimensions: CR80 card 54mm x 85.7mm.  Thickness:  760 micron / 30 milPack Size: 100 CardsM..
£4.20 Inc Tax:£5.04
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