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HID FPCRDSSSMW0000 Indala Clamshell Non printable Card
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: HID-FPCRDSSSMW0000
Indala Clamshell Non-printable CardManufacturer: HIDBrand: IndalaProduct Code: HID-FPCRDSSSMW0000Pack size: 100Product Type: Clamshell CardsSlot Punch: Slot/Hole PunchedLead Time: 7-10 Working DaysAbout Indala Clamshell Non-printable CardThis "credit card" sized c..
£225.00 Inc Tax:£270.00
Indala FlexCard Prox Clamshell
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: 21-1050
Indala FlexCard Clamshell CardsManufacturer: HIDBrand: Indala​Manufacturer Part Number: FPCRD-SSSMW-0000Product Code: 21-1050Minimum Order Quantity: 100 CardsProduct Type: Clamshell CardTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFrequency: 125kHzSlot Punch: Slot/Hole Punched..
£245.00 Inc Tax:£294.00
HID FPISOSSSCNA0000 Indala Printable Prox Card access control card cheap smartcard proximity
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: HID-FPISOSSSCNA0000
Indala Printable Prox CardManufacturer: HIDBrand: IndalaProduct Code: HID-FPISOSSSCNA0000Pack size: 100 Product Type: PVC CardsFrequency: OtherLead Time: 7-10 Working DaysAbout Indala Printable Prox CardHID's Indala Prox cards are designed to withstand the most ex..
£315.00 Inc Tax:£378.00
HID FPISOSSSCNB0000 Indala Printable Prox Magstripe Card
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: HID-FPISOSSSCNB0000
Indala Printable Prox Magstripe CardManufacturer: HIDBrand: IndalaManufacturers part number: HID-FPISOSSSCNB0000Product Code: HID-FPISOSSSCNB0000Pack Size: 100Product Type: Printable PVC CardsTechnology: Mag StripeFrequency: OtherLead Time: 7-10 Working DaysAb..
£369.00 Inc Tax:£442.80
Indala Access Control 5740
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: 106011
Manufacturer Part Number: 106011Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 100 cards.Please call us on 01604 422422 or email for up to date pricing.  ..
£5.40 Inc Tax:£6.48
Indala Access Control Key Fob 5741
Still Shipping
Brand: Indala Model: 21-1055
Indala Prox Key FobsManufacturer: HIDBrand: IndalaManufacturer Part Number: FPKEY-SSSS-0000Product Code:  FPKEY-SSSS-0000Product Type: Key FobPack Size: 100Technology: 125kHz ProximityLead Time: 7-10 Working DaysAbout Indala Prox Key FobsHID's Indala key fob h..
£349.00 Inc Tax:£418.80
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