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Printing on Coloured Plastic Cards

19 Jul Printing on Coloured Plastic Cards
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If you’re looking for a quick, low cost and effective way to brighten up your ID cards and name badges, or you need them to stand out then why not think about printing on coloured cards?

We stock a wide range of the highest quality coloured cards by FOTODEK.  We have white core and also coloured core cards dependent on what you are looking for.

Coloured cards can look really effective as name badges for your events but there are a few things you need to consider in your design and whether they will actually work for the effect you are looking to achieve.

If you are printing logos or images then you need to consider that you will get bleed through from the card colour on your image meaning that colours will be changed or photos will appear incorrectly coloured.

We have a number of things we can do to get around this if it is a problem. If you need a large quantity of cards (500+) then we can litho print your cards to a Pantone match with white out boxes for logos, photos etc. you can then overprint these as normal.

We also supply a number of cards which are only printed with flood colouring to one side and are white on the background.

If neither of these are going to give you the effect you need but you require the over edge effect then we can print the cards using one of our retransfer printers using our bureau service. This is great for short runs or if you need your cards urgently (typically 1-5 working days dependent on quantity and service required) as opposed to 3-4 weeks for litho printed cards. Learn more about our bureau service.

All of our coloured cards are available for next working day delivery.