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Sage Pay upgrade to SHA-2 – what you need to know!

13 Jul Sage Pay upgrade to SHA-2 – what you need to know!
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At ID Card Centre we are very passionate about security, and need to be in the industry we work in! 

Therefore as of the 13th July 2016 our payment gateway, Sage Pay, will be upgraded to the latest version, SHA-2,  and you may be affected as there will be restrictions on the browsers and operating systems that we can accept payments through.



What is SHA?

SHA is also known as "Secure Hash Algorithm" and is the method most payment gateways use during the validation of a website’s security certificate.  Up until now SHA-1 has been the most widely accepted method of doing this, but having been developed back in 1995 SHA-1 is now not up to date with modern security practices.  SHA-1 is therefore being phased out as the major web browsers withdraw their support for the algorithm.  

SHA-1 is the method that Sage Pay has historically used with ID Card Centre’s security certificate.

SHA-256 or SHA-2 as it is known is the newer more secure version of the algorithm and also the preferred method for all security certificates.  Over the coming months all browsers in use will phase out SHA-1 and replace this with SHA-2 (SHA-256).  To address this issue, Sage Pay (along with the majority of other payment gateways and online banking web sites) are updating the web certificates for all payment pages and forms.  


Can I still use Sage Pay?

Please see below for a list of compatible browsers and operating systems.


  Browser  Minimum Browser Version
  Chrome  1.0+ (38+)
  Firefox  1.0+
  Internet Explorer  6+ (on a SHA-2 compatible OS)
  Konqueror  3.5.6+
  Mozilla  1.4+
  Netscape  7.1+
  Opera  6.0+
  Safari  3+ (Ships with OS X 10.5


Operating Systems

 Minimum OS VersionMinimum OS Version
  Operating System(SSL Certificates)(Client Certificates)
  Apple OS X10.5+  10.5+
  Apple iOS3.0+3.0+
  ChromeOSAll VersionsAll Versions
  WindowsXP SP3+XP SP3+
  Windows Phone7+7+
  Windows Server2003 SP2 + MS13-0952003 SP2 +MS13-095


What if I have problems making a payment?

If you do have problems with making a payment via Sage Pay then you can choose to make a payment via PayPal or, subject to credit search, you can choose for us to invoice you.  Please note that all education and public sector organisations are automatically accepted for credit terms.

Alternatively please feel free to get in touch by phone on 01604 422422 and we can process your order manually.


Thank you, Ben