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Plastic Open Faced ID Card Holders
Efficiency and security are bywords within all spheres of employment. Gone are the days when every face in the workplace was known, and supervision was conducted from a glass-sided stronghold perched above the factory floor, or from a desk at the far end of the office occupied by an eagle-eyed manager. Practices that involved untold hours spent queuing to clock on at work, painstaking form-filling and ledger-filling and the centralised location of keys to permit access around the building have long gone. With them has also gone the atmosphere of mistrust that prevailed in many workplaces. I..
How to program your Inepro reader
Programming the Inepro SCR708 How to program your Inepro reader to specific outputs or restrict to specific technologies The Inepro SCR708 offers a huge amount of features and flexibility not seen in any other reader on the market. Using the Analyser and the Programmer tools you can, within minutes create a custom firmware which suits your exact needs and then quickly roll this out to multiple units. First off plug your reader in and wait for it to automatically install (you will most likely need admin rights if you don’t have these as default on your login profile). The..
Key features of a quality ID card holder
You’ve probably put a lot of thought into the design of your name badges and ID cards. You’ve made sure they’re branded with your logo. They have the right personal information. And the quality of print represents the quality of your company. They look great and you feel proud. But whether you’re simply printing your own name badges on paper, or operating a full plastic ID card system, there is one final aspect to your identification process that you may have overlooked. And it’s one that will still have impact – the badge/ID card holders you use. How ..
Mini Plastic Cards - The possibilities are endless!
Do you have employees who regularly fly or stay in hotels? Are you fed up with staff and/or customers losing their keys? Do you manage children’s clubs or school trips? Or perhaps you’re looking for a simple way to keep your brand in front of your customer on a day-to-day basis. If you’re answering ‘yes’ in any way to the questions above, then it’s worth considering how mini cards could help you run things more smoothly. What are mini cards? Mini cards are small, keyring sized fobs which can hold printed information, graphics, logos and ..
Identity Insight from ID Card Centre March 2017
  We are back!  Sorry for the long pause in our communications –..
Case Study - an integrated staff and visitor management solution
Due to the very nature of our products, the details of a lot of our client’s accounts need to remain top secret – however, we still want to be able to share our solutions with you in case they are also the perfect fit for your business. Our next client, a local engine manufacturer, is no different and they have a vast array of access control, identity and badging requirements within their business.  The Brief for a New Staff and Visitor Management System For over five years we have been supplying our client with staff ID cards and personalised lanyards so when they needed to impl..
XL Name Badges… when big is simply better
Both event organisers and event attendees appreciate a well-organised name badge system. The pocket-sized ID cards we’re all used to seeing are familiar and reassuring. They help to keep things running smoothly, look professional, and are very easy to use. However, there are events and occasions when that convenient credit card sized version just doesn’t quite do the job. So what’s the solution? Oversized Name Badges At big events such as sports fixtures, concerts, conventions and exhibitions etc., security is undoubtedly a challenge. The crowds are lar..
ID Card Centre Case Study - Event Name Badges
Innovative, diverse and in a constant state of change; for the many businesses offering their creative services, the events industry is an exciting and competitive environment.At ID Card Centre we understand that one of the key ingredients to a successful event is paying close attention to the little details, as this is what can set you apart from the competition.We also appreciate the stresses that event organisers are under (I used to be one for over 15 years!) such as tight client budgets, last minute changes to delegate lists and needing to print badges at the very last minute but still ge..
What did an A list wedding, a Formula One car and a government test facility all have in common?
Answer:  The need for secrecy and privacy.   The A list wedding had an exclusive magazine deal and couldn’t risk photos being leaked before going to press.   The new Formula One car’s closely guarded new design could not be seen by competitors.   And well, the government work is so closely guarded we can’t mention anything other than it involves the MoD.   So how do you overcome the need for secrecy and privacy in all these stations?  Especially in a time where 71% of the UK population own a smart phone (and 93% own a mobi..
How to ensure your contractors are properly qualified
​Using contractors is a popular method of planning and implementing a project. It enables organisations to have the best and most experienced people involved, without them being permanently on the payroll. The downside, however, is that security becomes even harder to manage, and particularly across multiple sites. How can you ensure that only correctly qualified personnel have access to authorised areas or specialised equipment?​… A well-designed ID card system should be your first thought.How can an ID card system help?Photo ID cards are an ideal way to hold and display an individual’s train..
Welcome to our Business Administration Apprentice
We are delighted to welcome another new member to the ID Card Centre team, our Business Administration Apprentice Andrew Glenn! Andrew has been with us for three months now and is already a massive asset to our team.  Answering the phone, processing orders and generally helping to keep the office ship shape and help keep the business moving forwards. 18 year old Andrew is Northampton born and raised, and he joins us off the back of one year studying A-levels and a one year B-tec course.  Andrew was looking to get out of education and learn and develop ‘on the job’ v..
We're recruiting for a Sales Administrator
Sales Administrator (Temp position but could be made permanent for the right person)   Do you strive for customer service excellence?  Are you enthusiastic and driven?  Do you love to learn and grow? Are you a fast learner with a laser sharp eye for detail?   If you answer yes to all of the above then we want to hear from you!   We are looking to fill our brand new position for a Sales Administrator for our business based in Moulton Park, Northampton. This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to make a real difference, gain..
First Impressions Count!
It’s just one of those things. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And when you’re signing a potential client into your building, that process will already have started. With that said, therefore, it’s worth bearing in mind that the ID security procedure you operate can really make a difference.How can an ID card system affect first impressions? An ID card system has impact because:1.  It can enhance your organisation’s professional imageAn ID card system immediately implies that a business is substantial enough to warrant one. It also implies that an organisati..
8 Essential Elements of a Successful ID Card System
So you’ve decided an ID card system is a key way to improve security in your business. Now you need to move the project forward. To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled a list of the essential elements you need to make your ID card system a success. ID Card Printers  A card printer with the right specification is the first thing to go on any ID card system list of requirements. If you can’t print the ID cards, then you don’t have an ID card system. But what should you be considering in order to get the right card printer for your purposes? Here are some questions to ask yoursel..
5 products you NEED to take the headache out of event badges!
When you’re in the midst of planning your next event, you need all the help you can get to ensure things run smoothly. Taking the headache out of the event badges is just one way to free you up to concentrate on other things.  So what are the best products for producing event badges?1. Badge printer hireEvents often mean you use a piece of equipment for a short period of time and then it’s packed away. Different events have different requirements, so though a badge printer will work for one occasion, it won’t necessarily meet your needs for the next.  The outlay on buying a different..
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