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ID Card Centre Bureau Service - We Print Your ID Cards and Name Badges
What is a card printing bureau?  The ID Card Centre bureau is a service that we offer to manage the printing and encoding of ID cards, access control cards, technology cards and name badges on behalf of companies, organisations and individuals.  There are many reasons for needing to use a bureau service such as not owning the correct printing and encoding equipment or not having the time or man power to handle the job in house. There is no job too big or small for the bureau to cope with – we regularly handle print jobs of single cards up to thousands of cards. In fa..
What is rewrite printing?
rewritevb (tr)1. to write (written material) again, esp changing the words or formRewrite, re-write or re write? However you spell it, it still does exactly what it says – it allows you to rewrite a previously printed ID card or name badge.How does rewrite work?The revolutionary rewrite technology doesn’t require any fancy inks or ribbons, but simply uses heat to change the colour of the surface of the card, thus printing any text and images (in monochrome only) – including photographs - on to the surface of the card. Reapplication of heat will then remove the ‘printing’ leaving the card blank..
ID Card Printer Trade In – The Sustainable Option
If your ID card printer is coming to the end of its life or it’s no longer fit for purpose and you want to upgrade then you don’t have to scrap it. Save your printer from ending up in the skip or taking up space in the back of a store cupboard by trading it in against a new one – and getting money off in the process! Your old printer will be sent back to the manufacturer, where it will be dismantled and stripped down in to component parts and sent off for recycling.  The plastic casings typically go on to become other plastic goods such as garden furniture and even car parts!  ..
ID Card Centre – Going Up in the World!
 Due to the rapid expansion of our business and team at ID Card Centre, we found ourselves with an urgent need for more space.  Inhabiting a terraced property, expanding outwards wasn’t an option so we decided we’d have to go upwards and make use of the loft space.Employing the superb local company and loft conversion specialists, AC Lofts to do the work, within two months we’ve achieved creating a whole new floor enabling us to literally take the business the next level!We now have an entire floor dedicated to our card production bureau, enabling us to accommodate more printers, tak..
Presenting the 'Formula 1' of ID Card Printers... the new Evolis Primacy Black Edition!
The brand new Evolis Primacy Black Edition!The stunning Limited Edition Primacy Black is now available from ID Card Centre.  Launched to celebrate Evolis’ 15th Anniversary, this sleek, stylish printer not only offers top of the range performance but also a style like no other ID card printer on the market.Its slick black, red and carbon fibre design will look at home in any modern, high end office or reception area.  It’s the Formula 1 of ID Card printers!Evolis are only producing 2000 of the Primacy Black Edition printers so it really will be a race to get your hands on one!Function..
Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice…. Luke Marriage!
Welcome to our Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice…. Luke Marriage! We’d like to officially offer a huge, public welcome to our newest member of the team, Luke Marriage.  Luke joined us just over a month ago on a Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship and has already become an invaluable member of the team. Born and raised in Northamptonshire, not long turned 18, Luke has just finished his A-levels and whilst his mates and girlfriend headed off to Uni, Luke decided to gain his experience ‘hands  on’ and get stuck in to an apprenticeship.  With several ..
Understanding ID Card Printer Ribbons
Understanding ID Card Printer Ribbons   We appreciate that understanding ID card printer ribbons can be like cracking code, so here’s a quick guide to the abbreviations that all manufacturers use and the different types of ribbon available. What do all the letters mean? The letters used in the ribbon descriptions describe the different panels that make up that particular ribbon and the order the panels are printed in, from left to right.        For example YMCKO means Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Resin Black, Overlay   Panel abbreviations ..
ID Card printing so easy you can do it anywhere!
  ID Card printing so easy you can do it anywhere!   Ben is out on the road at demos and installations a lot this week and found he’d run out of business cards.  Not to worry, equipped with an IDP Smart 50S printer and a power inverter – he was able to print some more business cards, between meetings, in his car! Durable and Simple to Use! The IDP Smart 50S, and in fact all the IDP Smart printers, have a metal casing and components, making them one of the most durable ID card printers around. They are also all extremely easy to use – downl..
Nine Essential Considerations when Designing a Name Badge
As with all print, to ensure your finished piece looks exactly as you intended it to, there are various things you need to consider when thinking about the design of your name badges.1. What does it need to do?What is the main purpose of the badge?  Is it for detailed identification of the person which needs to contain a photo, personal information and any permits or restrictions?  For example to show they can access a certain area on-site or have the necessary licence or authorisation to carry out a particular task.  Or is it for quick identification such as a networking event ..
ID Card Centre, helping to Inspire Excellence in Facilities Management
Last week we made a somewhat unscheduled appearance at Facilities Show 2015. The exhibition is part of ‘Protection and Management 2015’ – 5 exhibitions that fill London’s ExCel covering everything to do with security, facilities management, safety, fire and services management – the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. Just the week prior, a last minute place became available at the exhibition - a large stand just inside the entrance to the exhibition – an opportunity too good to miss! We hurriedly got everything together (it’s amazing what ..
This Seasons New Lanyards
This season it’s definitely not a case of black is the new black, or blue or red or green for that matter! Lanyards have finally got exciting!  New suppliers to the market mean that our standard offering has now increased our lanyard range with a brand new additional 21 colours to add to our already extensive range. This Seasons New Lanyards Black Pink Blue Water Melon Robin Egg Blue Silver Flourescent yellow Light up blue Light Up white White Orange Green Gold ..
A guide to selecting the right RFID readers for you
Many people ask us what RFID readers they should buy for their card management system – whether that be for access control, cashless catering, print and copy release, library management or other card system.  It can be a bit of a minefield and it is obviously essential that you get the right one, not just for now but to future proof against potential changes to your cards and systems in the future.    The Elatec range of RFID readers are ideal for print on demand (also known as follow me printing), Access Control, library management, cashless catering as well as many othe..
All In One ID Printer Case
At ID Card Centre we are constantly looking to improve our product range. Our latest addition has been a labour of love. ID Card Printers can be expensive pieces of equipment to replace, so we have been looking at ways in which we can protect your investment. Introducing the new all-in-one ID Printer case. Not only does this hard shelled case protect your printer from knocks and bumps but it also holds all of your ancillary accessories, your power supply, USB cable, up to 700 cards and 2 printer ribbons. Inside we have lined the case with sturdy foam to keep your printer and accessories in ..
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BETT 2015 A Real Education
This was our 10th year at BETT and whilst we have ceased some of the other industry specific events, this remains, for us, one of our favourites and most productive. BETT 2015 was great, definitely to be chalked up as a successful event for ID Card Centre Ltd. The event saw the usual mix of serious buyers, browsers and the curious, making for an interesting week, keeping both Ben and Josh on their toes! We had a lot of enquiries to process upon our return, again keeping the boys out of trouble.   BETT 2015 A Real Education Our unusual ‘Leg’ display grab..
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ID cards for visitors
If you are a large business or organisation that has frequent visitors to your premises, it is essential that they have the correct identification on them at all times to establish who they are and in some cases comply with Health and Safety policies. ID Card Centre can cater for your requirements in this area, whether it be designing and printing the visitor badges for you or providing you with the printers, software and consumables for you to print them yourselves. ID cards for visitors The cards we provide range from a plain white PVC cards to intelligent (Access Control) cards, co..
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