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Pre-Printed Passes and Badges for Events

13 Jan Pre-Printed Passes and Badges for Events
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Events are often busy, crowded places, with lots of attendees and staff in the area. Ensuring you can quickly identify each person at your event is crucial; therefore, you must have a good badge or ticketing solution in place.

Event badges and tickets allow you to give your guests key information that may be required upon entering the facility, such as maps, itineraries, contact information and more, but printing them at your registration table can cause a bottleneck. 

Pre-printed cards are a great way to reduce registration table queues while providing relevant and important information on badges and passes.

Key Information 

Pre-printed badges or passes do what they say on the tin – they are badges that contain a printed design whilst leaving enough space for personalised information to be overprinted during the event. 

The pre-printed design usually contains key information on one side of the card regarding the event, such as the event logo, maps, access level numbers, and any barcodes or QR codes needed. 

The other side contains your branded design alongside a blank space to allow personal information to be added, such as your attendee's name, occupation, business, and role at the event – i.e., whether they are attending as a guest or exhibiting. 


Pre-printed cards save costs on event badging, as most of the card has already been printed in bulk by a plastic card printing service. This reduces costs in ribbons as there is less to print, and personalised data often only requires a monochrome ribbon.

Printing your design ahead of time also means that you can save time across your team, as you can simply order the number of ID cards you need for the event and then personalise them as and when needed.

Printing personal data with printer rentals 

One huge benefit to event badge printing is that you can use large format badges or passes to allow for more information to be added to the badge. It means you can increase the size of your design to make it easier to read at a distance.

Renting a printer eliminates the need for any extra cost of paying for a printer that is used infrequently, therefore freeing up the budget to be used elsewhere.

One great option for a large-scale ID card printer rental is the Magicard Rio Pro 360 Xtended card printer. Some of the features of the Magicard Printer include:

•    High-speed print – 200 cards per hour
•    Visual security with HoloKote®
•    Optimised colour profiles
•    100 card input hopper
•    Edge-to-edge printing
•    Rewritable
•    Ethernet connection as standard

To find out more information about using pre-printed cards, please visit here or get in touch with a member of our expert team.