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VAT Exemptions for US Military Bases

27 Apr VAT Exemptions for US Military Bases
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ID Card Centre is a UK-based company that specialises in the supply of identification solutions to various highly secure industries, such as government, security, and military. 

With its team of experienced professionals, ID Card Centre offers expert advice and support to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. 

Identity and security solutions for military bases

ID Card Centre is a reliable supplier of identity solutions to the military, including ID card printers, access control systems, and visitor management solutions that meet stringent security requirements.

With a wide range of experience within the military industry, we understand the strong security requirements and can provide tailored solutions.

VAT-free ordering for military bases

The United States maintains a military presence all over the world. However, supplying these bases often requires navigating a complex web of taxes and tariffs. These additional costs can significantly increase the price of goods and services. 

Fortunately, ID Card Centre has extensive experience supplying US and other military bases and can offer a standard VAT exemption under HMRC rules for direct deliveries to the base.

As a matter of international law, host countries often grant VAT exemption to diplomatic and military personnel. This is typically established with a bilateral agreement between the United States and the host country, which is in place between the US and UK. These agreements outline the specific goods and services that qualify for VAT exemption and the procedures for obtaining such exemptions.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we have successfully supplied various US military bases both within the UK and internationally. Our expertise enables us to easily navigate VAT exemption regulations, ensuring our customers receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Our range of supplied goods includes:

•    Proximity cards
•    Lanyards - available in plain, pre-printed, and personalised options
•    Card holders
•    ID card printers, ribbons, cleaning kits, spares, and accessories from various manufacturers, such as Fargo, Zebra, Entrust Datacard, and Magicard
•    Visitor passbooks
•    Adhesive cards, allowing you to reuse your proximity cards and save money
•    Locking card holders for contractor passes or to prevent potential tampering with ID cards

With over two decades of experience and a comprehensive product range, ID Card Centre is well-equipped to help you overcome any challenges you may face in maintaining a consistent supply of identification products. Whether you need ID card printers, lanyards, card holders, or other identification solutions, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to explore how we can assist you.