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Identity Insight from ID Card Centre April 2016
Printer Hire To hire or to buy? It’s a question we get asked a lot. Is it better to purchase a card printer and run your own equipment, outsource all of the printing or hire the equipment as and when you need it? Or indeed a combination of all three! It really depends on many factors such as how many cards you print, how often, what you need to print on them and of course budgets! We’ve collated the following gu..
Project Genesius - stamping out ID fraud!
What is Project Genesius?Project Genesius was launched in 2007 and is an initiative between the Metropolitan Police Service and the Specialist Printing Industry.Its objective is to forge a working relationship between the printing industry and law enforcement agencies, to combat criminal activity relating to the unlawful use of printing equipment, for example to make fake IDs.Who can become involved?This project involves any company that manufactures, re-sells or distributes equipment or software that can create false documents and identification.These companies are then bound by a code of con..
Why do I need to clean my ID card printer and readers?
We appreciate that cleaning and maintenance are never much fun however if you’ve gone to the expense of investing in an ID card printer then you’ll need it to be running in tip top condition whenever you need it.Due to the very nature of plastic cards, readers, printers and the ribbons they use there will be a naturally occurring build-up of dirt that must be cleaned away on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, fingerprint oils, magnetic oxides and environmental contaminants will inevitably lead to errors in the printing and processing function of your equipment such as:Imperfections on your prin..
Identity Insight from ID Card Centre March 2016
The ID Card Centre Office ExpansionDue to the rapid expansion of our team and the increasing levels of business we found ourselves with an urgent need for more space, so rather than uproot and move, we embarked on a loft conversion! We now have a whole floor dedicated to our card production bureau, a much bigger stock room as well as additional space in the main office.This has enabled us to expand our bureau offering and add new equipment to our portfolio including the Evolis Avansia, as well as hold more stock to ensure we not only continue to fulfil our orders for next working day delivery ..
ID Card Printers - To Hire or Buy?
To hire or buy?  If that’s the question you’re currently mulling over then hopefully we can help you to make that decision.   Undoubtedly purchasing any equipment can be costly and getting budget approval can be difficult and time consuming, therefore the option to hire equipment could be the solution you’re looking for.   Pros   Cons No capital expenditure outlay Costs can be internally allocated to a specific client or project No ongoing maintenance costs Supplem..
Identity Insight from ID Card Centre February 2016
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Identity Insight, the bi-monthly newsletter from ID Card Centre, full of information on new products and services to benefit your business, industry updates and company news. Being our first newsletter it may have been some time since we last spoke so we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our team. ..
ID Card Centre Case Study - Events
Short lead times, high end expectations and last minute changes – all factors which are pretty much a given when it comes to events – whether they be exhibitions, sporting event hospitality or high profile conferences.When we received our latest brief from a long standing partner in event registration, this was no different...The BriefWe were asked to produce 650 top quality, full colour name badges for our client who was handling the registration for a very high profile, media conference in Switzerland, for one of the world’s biggest companies.  The delegate list would read like a who’s ..
Education Case Study - Moulton College
      Moulton College is one of the top colleges in the country, and a Centre of Excellence for Education and Training for the Natural, Built and Recreational Environment.  A multi campus college, Moulton College is split across 5 sites and offers students a variety of learning options and courses.   The Brief We were approached by Moulton College during the Summer holidays to quote for producing around 3000 student ID cards for the new students starting in September 2015. In addition to being used to identify the stu..
Your survey results – a big thank you!
Back in December we asked for your feedback in the form of a survey, and the results exceeded our expectations!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide us with some very useful feedback, not only will this help us grow, it also shows us areas where we can improve and how we can help you in the future.  1)     Competitive Pricing We are constantly monitoring our prices to ensure we are competitive however we do offer a price match guarantee so if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere we will match (and try to beat!) the price for you. ..
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ID Card Centre Bureau Service - We Print Your ID Cards and Name Badges
What is a card printing bureau?  The ID Card Centre bureau is a service that we offer to manage the printing and encoding of ID cards, access control cards, technology cards and name badges on behalf of companies, organisations and individuals.  There are many reasons for needing to use a bureau service such as not owning the correct printing and encoding equipment or not having the time or man power to handle the job in house. There is no job too big or small for the bureau to cope with – we regularly handle print jobs of single cards up to thousands of cards. In fa..
What is rewrite printing?
rewritevb (tr)1. to write (written material) again, esp changing the words or formRewrite, re-write or re write? However you spell it, it still does exactly what it says – it allows you to rewrite a previously printed ID card or name badge.How does rewrite work?The revolutionary rewrite technology doesn’t require any fancy inks or ribbons, but simply uses heat to change the colour of the surface of the card, thus printing any text and images (in monochrome only) – including photographs - on to the surface of the card. Reapplication of heat will then remove the ‘printing’ leaving the card blank..
ID Card Printer Trade In – The Sustainable Option
If your ID card printer is coming to the end of its life or it’s no longer fit for purpose and you want to upgrade then you don’t have to scrap it.Save your printer from ending up in the skip or taking up space in the back of a store cupboard by trading it in against a new one – and getting money off in the process!Your old printer will be sent back to the manufacturer, where it will be dismantled and stripped down in to component parts and sent off for recycling.  The plastic casings typically go on to become other plastic goods such as garden furniture and even car parts!  Your bel..
ID Card Centre – Going Up in the World!
 Due to the rapid expansion of our business and team at ID Card Centre, we found ourselves with an urgent need for more space.  Inhabiting a terraced property, expanding outwards wasn’t an option so we decided we’d have to go upwards and make use of the loft space.Employing the superb local company and loft conversion specialists, AC Lofts to do the work, within two months we’ve achieved creating a whole new floor enabling us to literally take the business the next level!We now have an entire floor dedicated to our card production bureau, enabling us to accommodate more printers, tak..
Presenting the 'Formula 1' of ID Card Printers... the new Evolis Primacy Black Edition!
The brand new Evolis Primacy Black Edition!The stunning Limited Edition Primacy Black is now available from ID Card Centre.  Launched to celebrate Evolis’ 15th Anniversary, this sleek, stylish printer not only offers top of the range performance but also a style like no other ID card printer on the market.Its slick black, red and carbon fibre design will look at home in any modern, high end office or reception area.  It’s the Formula 1 of ID Card printers!Evolis are only producing 2000 of the Primacy Black Edition printers so it really will be a race to get your hands on one!Function..
Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice…. Luke Marriage!
Welcome to our Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice…. Luke Marriage! We’d like to officially offer a huge, public welcome to our newest member of the team, Luke Marriage.  Luke joined us just over a month ago on a Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship and has already become an invaluable member of the team. Born and raised in Northamptonshire, not long turned 18, Luke has just finished his A-levels and whilst his mates and girlfriend headed off to Uni, Luke decided to gain his experience ‘hands  on’ and get stuck in to an apprenticeship.  With several ..
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