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Indala Cards and Fobs

Robust, flexible and light cards & fobs from Indala

Designed to withstand the tough rigors of any access control environment, Indala ID cards and fobs are high quality and deliver outstanding and consistent performance with intelligent programming technology.

ID Card Centre stocks all the Indala cards and key fobs that you might need to supplement your existing system – from clam shells to printable ID cards with or without magnetic strips and excellent key fobs. For cost effectiveness, Indala ISO printable cards, Flexcard clamshells and Prox key fobs can be ordered in batches of 100.

A thorough access control system with PIN pads, access cards or key fobs and card readers at entry points is essential to regulate access within your business or organisation. ID Card Centre understands that your location may include areas that contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or personal financial data. Restricting access to these areas reduces the risk of a security breach.

Accurate cards or key fobs – whichever suits your business best – allow access through the controlled doors, and can be disabled from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned when someone leaves the company.  Access control gives organisations the security and flexibility they need. Entry can be restricted by area or even by time – only allowing access to users at certain times of day or night.

With all the major manufacturers’ access control equipment available, ID Card Centre can supply the cards, card readers, PIN pads, key fobs and lanyards to fit your existing system and advise you on the purchase of the most secure, reliable and cost-effective system for your organisation.

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Indala Access Control 5740

Indala ISO Cards Format

Manufacturer Part Number: 106011 Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 100 cards. ..

£5.40Inc Tax: £6.48

Indala FlexCard Prox Clamshell

Indala FlexCard Clamshell Cards

Indala FlexCard Clamshell Cards Manufacturer: HID Brand: Indala​ Manufacturer Par..

£245.00Inc Tax: £294.00

Indala Access Control Key Fob 5741

Indala Prox Key Fobs

Indala Prox Key Fobs Manufacturer: HID Brand: Indala Manufacturer Part Numbe..

£349.00Inc Tax: £418.80

HID FPCRDSSSMW0000 Indala Clamshell Non printable Card

Indala Clamshell Non-printable Card

Indala Clamshell Non-printable Card Manufacturer: HID Brand: Indala Product Code: HID-FPCRDS..

£225.00Inc Tax: £270.00

HID FPISOSSSCNA0000 Indala Printable Prox Card access control card cheap smartcard proximity

Indala Printable Prox Card

Indala Printable Prox Card Manufacturer: HID Brand: Indala Product Code: HID-FPISOSSSCNA0000..

£315.00Inc Tax: £378.00

HID FPISOSSSCNB0000 Indala Printable Prox Magstripe Card

Indala Printable Prox Magstripe Card

Indala Printable Prox Magstripe Card Manufacturer: HID Brand: Indala Manufacturers part number: H..

£369.00Inc Tax: £442.80

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