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Supporting all card technologies in a variety of MHz and kHz ranges, Inepro’s RFID reader is compatible with the different standards you may have within your organisation. The SCR708 card reader stocked by ID Card Centre is easy to configure, using high encryption technologies to read RFID cards quickly and simultaneously, ensuring a safe and reliable process.

For help with an Inepro reader, or to get advice or a quote for a new Inepro system, get in touch with us by calling 01604 422422 or emailing us at [email protected].

Brand: Inepro Model: 92-1400
Inepro SCR708 RFID Reader The Inepro SCR708 is a contactless RFID card reader that can be built into a range of devices such as a multi-functional printer, cash register, laptop or PC. Ideal for cashless catering environments, print and copy release and access control.  The SCR708 can be conn..
£138.00 Inc Tax:£165.60
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A solution with guaranteed compatibility from Inepro

This card reader supports all card technologies in the 13.56 MHz and the 125 kHz range. The SCR708 reads the RFID cards quickly and uses high encryption technologies to guarantee its safety. The USB version is easy to set up and communicates via keyboard emulation.

Protect your people, facilities, networks and assets with a comprehensive access control system. Access control comprises access cards or key fobs and card readers or PIN pads at entry points. This is an easy way to regulate access to rooms that may contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or personal financial data. ID Card Centre is a leading expert and supplier of the many systems available and can guide you to substantially reduce the risk of a security breach.

ID cards or key fobs allow access through the controlled doors and can be disabled from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned when someone leaves the company.  Access control gives organisations the security and flexibility they need. Access can be restricted by area or even by time – only allowing access to users at certain times of day or night.

For instructions on how to program the Inepro reader, click here.

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