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MIFARE Cards and Fobs

Model: 21-1040-C-FOB-BL
Fudan 1K 13.56MHz Fob with Split Ring Fobs per Pack: 100 Manufacturers part number: FM11RF08-FOB Manufacturer: NXP Product Type: Keytags/Keyfobs Technology: MIFARE® Format: Fudan Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colours available: Blue   This product is made of a type of plastic which is not commonly..
£75.00 Inc Tax:£90.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1040-C
Fudan 1k 13.56mhz 1k These cards are compatible with most MIFARE systems and offer a cheap alternative to NXP MIFARE cards. Product code: 20-1040-C Pack size: 100  Card memory:  1k Frequency: 13.56 MHz ISO 14443A No battery required, contactless transmission of data Fast data transfer 106kbit/s An..
£27.00 Inc Tax:£32.40
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-15-TK
MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 15mm Round - Pack of 100 Pack size:  100 stickers IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-15-PL Size: 15mm diameter  Technology: MIFARE® Format: MIFARE® Classic Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Colour: White Material: Plastic Manufacturer: NXP About MIFARE® 1K Plastic St..
£95.00 Inc Tax:£114.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-26-TK
MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 26mm - Pack of 100 Pack size:  100 stickers IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-26-TK Size: 26mm diameter  Format: MIFARE® Classic Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Colour: White Material: Plastic Manufacturer: NXP About MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 26mm Encode and rea..
£82.50 Inc Tax:£99.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1040-FOB
MIFARE® Classic 1K Keytag and Keyring Fobs per Pack: 100 Manufacturers part number: MF-1K-KEY Manufacturer: NXP Product Type: Keytags/Keyfobs Technology: MIFARE® Format: MIFARE® Classic Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colours available: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red and Yellow. ..
£109.00 Inc Tax:£130.80
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1040-UID
MIFARE® Classic 1K Printable Card and UID Manufacturers part numbers: MF-1K-UID-DR, MF-1K-UID-DS Manufacturer: NXP Product Type: PVC Printable Cards, Contactless Technology: MIFARE® Format: MIFARE® Classic About MIFARE® Classic 1K Printable Card and UID MIFARE® Classic 1K plain white S50 prin..
£125.00 Inc Tax:£150.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1046
MIFARE® Classic 1K Sticker 27mm Round Our Best Selling MIFARE Sticker - Available to purchase individually from only £0.80 a sticker! Manufacturer Part Number: MF-1K-SA IDCC Part Number: 21-1046 Size: 27mm diameter  Technology: MIFARE® Classic (Range approximately 10cm) Memory Size: 1KB of rea..
£0.80 Inc Tax:£0.96
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-38
MIFARE® Classic 1K Stickers Manufacturer Part Number: MF-1K-SA-38 IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-38 Pack size: 100 Size: 38mm x 38mm Format: MIFARE® Classic (approximately 10cm) Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Standard: ISO 14443A Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colour: White Material: Paper Manufa..
£96.00 Inc Tax:£115.20
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1042-25x25
MIFARE® Classic 4K EV1 Stickers Manufacturer Part Number:  IDCC Part Number: 21-1042-25x25 Pack size: 100 Size: 25mm x 25mm MIFARE® Range: MIFARE® Classic (approximately 10cm) Memory Size: 4KB of read/write memory Standard: ISO 14443A Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colour: White Material: Paper Bra..
£119.00 Inc Tax:£142.80
Brand: Mifare Model: MF-ULS
MIFARE Ultralight® 64 Byte Adhesive Label 25mm x15mm Manufacturers Part Number: MF-ULS Product Type: Adhesive, Contactless Card Thickness: 460 Micron Manufacturer: NXP Technology: MIFARE® About MIFARE Ultralight® 64 Byte Adhesive Label 25mm x 15mm Encode and read like a normal smart ca..
£1.75 Inc Tax:£2.10
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1105-4K
MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 4K Cards pack of 100 Manufacturer Part Number: 21-1105-4K Pack Size: 100 Product Type: ISO Cards, Plain White, Printable PVC Card Card Thickness: 760 Micron Manufacturer: NXP Technology: MIFARE® Format: MIFARE® DESFire® About MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 4K Cards MIFARE® DESFir..
£125.00 Inc Tax:£150.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1039-C
MIFARE® UltraLight C Plain White PVC Card Manufacturer: NXP Pack Size: 100  Product Type: PVC Cards, Plain White, Contactless Technology: MIFARE® Frequency: 13.56 MHZ Memory: 144 bytes Slot: None Manufacturers Number: MF-UL About MIFARE® UltraLight C Plain White PVC Card MIFARE® UltraLig..
£29.99 Inc Tax:£35.99
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Massive range of MIFARE cards – beware of cheap imitations

For the ultimate in flexibility, ID Card Centre stocks almost 40 types of MIFARE access ID cards and key fobs. From ultra light to magnetic strip cards in many pack sizes, you are sure to find what you need here. 

ID Card Centre only supplies genuine NXP MIFARE cards which are used in a huge variety of applications such as transport, cashless vending and access control. The cards have high data transfer and many security features can be enabled to help against fraud.

All the MIFARE plain white cards are high quality products that can be printed and personalised with any plastic card printer. Alternatively, talk to ID Card Centre if you’d like a higher quality pre-print or additional security features on your MIFARE cards.

A thorough access control system with PIN pads, access cards or key fobs and card readers at entry points is essential to regulate access within your business or organisation. ID Card Centre understands that your location may include areas that contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or personal financial data. Restricting access to these areas reduces the risk of a security breach.

Accurate cards or key fobs – whichever suits your business best – allow access through the controlled doors, and can be disabled from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned when someone leaves the company.  Access control gives organisations the security and flexibility they need. Access can be restricted by area or even by time – only allowing access to users at certain times of day or night.

With all the major manufacturers’ access control equipment available, ID Card Centre can supply the cards, card readers, PIN pads, key fobs and lanyards to fit your existing system and advise you on the purchase of the most secure, reliable and cost-effective system for your organisation.

Gymshark Testimonial "Needed a really quick turn around for an event we put on, the service was second to none and the product was perfect, just what we needed."

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