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PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer 4500-0028-PR

PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer
PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer

About the PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer

The Flex+ produces double-sided prints on standard and single-sided prints on longer-sized cards, enabling you to add more vital information onto your cards. This additional flexibility makes it ideal for a range of uses, including event passes and food signage.

  • Ideal for high-volume price sign printing requirements, the Flex+ is an upgrade from its popular predecessor, the PriceCardPro Flex.
  • Apply full-colour and monochrome prints to both sides of standard-sized 86x54mm cards and monochrome prints onto one side of plastic cards up to 140x54mm in length.
  • The new re-writable technology allows you to print over pre-printed cards to reduce costs and reuse them more sustainably.
  • The Flex+ printer produces up to 100 cards simultaneously and features a card hopper with an output of 70 cards.
  • Includes a 4-year warranty.

Custom printing for event passes

If you're looking to print custom event passes on demand, the PriceCardPro Flex+ is ideal. Read our in-depth guide to find out more.

With a range of card sizes available, this printer allows you to include as much information as you need for your delegates and attendees. Create event badges, access passes, festival tickets, security passes and more with this personalised event printer.

Your own unique design allows you to customise the important event information included, such as QR codes, barcodes, maps, and itineraries. You can also personalise passes to your printing needs, with attendee names, event dates, unique identifying numbers, and photo ID if required.

The PriceCardPro Flex+ allows for full-colour event pass printing, as well as single colour monochrome and metallic printing. These range of options are ideal for creating standard designs as well as bespoke backstage or VIP passes for events.

Create a range of event passes with a number of cards that are compatible with this model. Standard PVC options are available, but you can also go eco friendly with our sustainable enviricard® paperboard cards. These are ideal for creating custom event passes that can be recycled after use, minimising the impact on the environment. To find out more about enviricard®'s eco credentials and customisation options, please read more here.

Customise event passes with a range of options

Card SizeMonochromeColourDouble-Sided
54mm x 150mm
54mm x 128mm
54mm x 109mm
54mm x 86mm

With manual feeding/flipping of the card

Compatible cards include:

Extra length cards offer a print size of the full length of the card, but can also be pre-printed with your design by ID Card Centre and personalised using the PriceCardPro Flex+. For personalisation options, please contact us to find out more or for a quotation.

Whilst the Flex+ is capable of printing full colour event name badges, passes or tickets, the longer 109mm will only accept a full-colour print area equivalent to a 54mm x 86mm (CR80) card and will not automatically print double-sided, whilst 128mm and 140mm cards only accept a monochrome print area equivalent to a 54mm x 86mm (CR80) card. Pre-printed cards and manually flipping cards to print on the reverse allow for the additional card area to be covered. The 54mm x 140mm cards can only be printed in monochrome using the Flex+, but is ideal for over-printing on (colour) pre-printed cards.

For a full list of compatible ribbons, please click here.

Personalised pre-printed branding

For simple point-of-issuance event passes or tickets, we recommend using digitally pre-printed cards.

This simple method allows for full colour cards, whilst allowing you to personalise them on-demand. Pre-printed designs can be applied to as much or as little as the card as you require, with a number of print options available such as hot foil, spot UV, gloss or matt finishes and more. 

Once your pre-printed cards have been delivered to you, you can keep a stock of them on-hand to print any personalisation such as a photo, name, barcodes, event timings, and any other information required.

The result of combining pre-printed designs with printed information on the Flex+ is an attractive, informative branded event pass.

For more information or to get a quote on pre-printed personalisation, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.

Food labelling with price signs

The PriceCardPro Flex+ is perfect for creating durable, hygienic price signs. With a range of printing sizes available, you can include a range of information for your customers, such as the product's name, a short description, price, and any food allergens.

Print on black, white, or colour price signs with different ribbons. Full colour ribbons can be used with this printer, or you can simple use monochrome colours to ensure the printed design stands out in your store.

These price signs are food-safe and durable, and can be easily cleaned of any food residue to prevent cross contamination. Display them using our range of stands, spikes and clips to improve the appearance of your food counter and make your products more attractive to customers with easy identification.

To view the list of compatible ribbons, please click here.

There are a number of price sign sizes compatible with this printer for added flexibility:

ID Card Printers
Printer ManufacturerMagicard
Print TechnologyMonochrome, Full-Colour Sublimation
Single or Double Sided?Single Sided
Printer FeaturesEthernet,Mac OS X Compatible,Windows Compatible,Near Edge Printing
Print Volume2 Med (up to 10k cards per year)
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PriceCardPro Flex+ Printer 4500-0028-PR
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