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CardExchange® Producer v10 - Go - Premium - Professional - Ultimate

CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer
CardExchange Producer

CardExchange® Producer

Please note that this is not an instant download

A single license desktop solution

CardExchange® Producer comes in a range of 4 scalable solutions with upgrades that can be purchased as your business or organisation grows.

To see the complete specifications and comparisons of all software editions click here

CardExchange® Producer Go

Entry Level ID Badging Solution 

Cost effective and easy to use, CardExchange® Go comes with a built in card design wizard to enable you to quickly and easily create and print ID cards and badges. 

  • Ideal for small businesses, clubs and organisations
  • Choose from existing card designs or create your own - card designs can be saved and edited for future use
  • Maximum of 5 stored card designs at one time
  • Each card design can be connected to it's own database and web camera
  • The internal MS Access database allows you to insert, edit, and delete records - limited to 200 records at one time
  • Images and photos can be stored directly into the database
  • Multiple options for web camera support including Twain, DirectShow and Canon

CardExchange® Producer Premium

Mid Level ID Badging Solution 

The most popular version of CardExchange Producer®, Premium allows for unlimited card templates and enables you to connect to external databases with unlimited records.

  • Ideal for schools, small businesses and events
  • All the functionality of CardExchange® Go plus:
  • Supports use of MS Excel or Access database connections, offers connections to multiple database columns, and storage of photos and images in your database.
  • Increased functionality such as signature capturing, user logins and drop down menus
  • Customise the editor to suit your requirements for each card template - for example configure the 'TakePhoto' button to import a photo instead of connecting to a camera

CardExchange® Producer Professional

High Level Database Connectivity 

The Professional edition brings increased database connectivity by supporting SQL and Oracle databases and allowing the storage of photos and images in your database. 

  • Connect to any type of database
  • Use Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to make database connections
  • High speed, secure database connections supporting large data uploads
  • Unlimited database connections
  • Automatic Print Server functionality enables the automatic production of cards triggered by a database change

If you want to connect to any type of database, our CardExchange® Producer Professional Edition is the way to go!


CardExchange® Producer Business

Top Level Inline Encoding Solution

For chip and contactless card encoding, including MIFARE® Classic and DESFire, you will need the Ultimate edition.

  • Unlimited access to all the available functions of CardExchange® - no limitations!
  • Unlimited database server connections
  • Push and pull data between databases
  • Contactless encoding functionality - MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire including EV1 support
  • Store biometric templates and images to support multiple biometric devices
  • Fully customisable using Python scripting language



  CardExchange®  Specifications

  CardExchange® Features

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or Higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 1024 MB Internal Memory
  • 200 MB Free Disk Space
  • Internet Connection (license activation and  online help files)
  • FREE End-User Support Forum
  • Local and centralised network licenses
  • Centralised data management (SBS)
  • Card Creation Wizard
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Ghosting, Background Removal
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes, Magnetic Encoding
  • UV Panel Printing
  • Twain and DirectShow Support
  • MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL, ODBC, etc.
  • Multiple Database Connections (Push-Pull)
  • User Authorisations with Login Feature
  • Drop Down Menus
  • MIFARE® Classic, DESFire EV1, SAM 
  • Biometric Support
  • ID Scanner Support



ID Software Solutions
Software TypeCard Management
Operating SystemWindows
Software FeaturesDatabase Integration,Contactless Encoding,Network Licencing
Edition TypeGo,Premium,Professional,Business,Enterprise
VersionVersion 10
Licence TypeNew Licences
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CardExchange™ Producer Edition FeaturesGOPremiumProfessionalUltimate
License and Network Features 
Local Licence Via Activation
Design Tools and Functionality Features 
Various Card SizesCR80 OnlyAll SizesAll SizesAll Sizes
Add Card Templates5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Pre-defined Templates
Card Template Manager
Step-by-Step Card Design Wizard
Text, Image, and Drawing Objects
Content Alignment Tools
Border Object Features
Ghosting Images
Image Opacity Masking
Resize Font to Fit Feature
1D Barcodes
Manual Data Entries
Grouping of Templates-
Background Removal-
2D Barcodes-
Export Card Preview-
Automate Manual Insert Actions-
Unlimited Layouts per Template--
Python Scripting Language---
Printing Features 
Print to Windows Printers
Single and Double Sided Printing
UV Panel Printing-
Batch Printing-
Windows Print Manager-
Print Production Reports-
Auto Print Server--
Photos, Signatures, and Image Features 
Image Tools Editor
Import and Export Images
DirectShow Webcam Support
Twain Image Acquisition
Canon Camera Support
Copy and Paste Photos-
Advanced Photo Options-
Signature Pad Support-
Copy and Paste Signatures-
Advanced Signature Options-
Automatic Face Recognition--
Database Connectivity
Internal Database 200 RecordsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MS Excel Connectivity (all Office Versions)-
CSV and Text DB Connectivity-
Paradox Connectivity-
MS Access Connectivity (all Office Versions)-
MS SQL Server Connectivity (native)--
Oracle Connectivity (native)--
MySQL Connectivity (native)--
DB2 Connectivity (native)--
SQ Lite--
ODBC Connectivity--
Active Directory Read and Write (LDAP)*---M
Data Management Features
Pre-defined Database Templates
Database Record Edit Window
Enhanced Data Record Presentation (Datagrid)
Record Column Filter and Sorting
Store Photos in Database
Add, Update, and Delete Database Records
Store Signatures and Images in Database-
Automate Record Insert Options-
Store Global Counters in Database-
Store Print Counters in Database-
Store Environment Variables like Username and Login in Database-
Drop Down Menus with Fixed Values-
Create and Store Database Filter Per Template-
Create and Store User Specific Record Lookup FiltersN/A5UnlimitedUnlimited
Live Database Record Lookup Filter-
Database Column Management (Visible, Editable)-
Advanced Primary Key Options--
Advanced Update/ Insert Options--
Advanced Error Behaviour Options--
Create Internal Views/ Queries--
Drop Down Menus with Database Table Lookup--
Multiple Database Server Connections--
Store Production Data in Multiple Connected Databases--
Store Photos, Signatures, and Images in Multiple Databases--
True Live Push-Pull Database Records--
Create Column Requirements for Inserting/ Updating Records--
Create Column Requirements for Record Printing--
Prompt Value before Printing Records--
Application Security Features
Login Feature-
Create UsersN/A5UnlimitedUnlimited
Create User GroupsN/A3UnlimitedUnlimited
Create User Group Profiles-
Assign/ Remove User(s) To/ From Groups-
Temporary Block User(s)-
Hide Functionality for Group(s) / User(s)-
Hide Card Templates for User(s) / Group(s)-
Hide Database Information for User(s) / Group(s)-
Advanced Fraud Protection Mechanism-
Create Specific User Profiles---
Account Password Expire Feature---
Encoding Features
Magnetic Encoding
HID® Proximity Reading---
MIFARE® Classic 1K and 4K---
MIFARE® DESFire EV1 (all memory formats)---
ID Scan Features
Store and Print Image---
Store and Print Photo---
Store and Print Signature---
Store and Print OCR---
Biometric Features
Access Control Features
Paxton Access Control Read and Write*---M

* M: Available as Additional Module

CardExchange® Producer v10 - Go - Premium - Professional - Ultimate
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