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IDP Smart Printer Spare Parts

Brand: Datacard Model: 807614-002
USB Printer CableManufacturer Part Number: 807614-002For: Can be used with all Printers.About the USB Printer CableThis cable will allow you to connect your printer to device with a USB slot, such as a laptop or computer...
£9.00 Inc Tax:£10.80
Brand: IDP Smart Model: 36-1065
IDP SMART 50 Magnetic Stripe Encoder Manufacturer Part Number: 650420For: IDP Smart-50 SeriesAbout the IDP SMART 50 Magnetic Stripe EncoderUpgrade the IDP Smart-50 Series printer to enable encoding of magnetic stripes...
£285.00 Inc Tax:£342.00
Brand: IDP Smart Model: 36-1070
IDP SMART 50D Printer Replacement BoxManufacturer Part Number: 36-1070For: SMART 50D..
£14.00 Inc Tax:£16.80
Brand: IDP Smart Model: 36-1050
IDP SMART Ethernet Network Hub Upgrade Manufacturer Part Number: 650967For: IDP Smart Printers 30 and 50About the IDP SMART Ethernet Network Hub UpgradeUpgrades your IDP Smart printer to also have ethernet connectivity. Suitable for use with 30 and 50 Series IDP Smart Pri..
£165.00 Inc Tax:£198.00
Brand: IDP Smart Model: 36-1060
IDP SMART PSU Adaptor Printer Power SupplyA Must Have For IDP Smart Printers - Only £79.50Manufacturer Part Number: 611167 For: IDP SMART 30 and 50 Series printersAbout the IDP SMART PSU Adaptor Printer Power SupplyThis IDP SMART power supply has a 3 pin kettle lead (STD-2427P, 2..
£79.50 Inc Tax:£95.40
Brand: IDP Smart Model: 36-1055
IDP SMART Replacement Ribbon Cartridge Manufacturer part number: 610079ID Card Centre part number: 36-1055Includes: Replacement CartridgeThis cartridge is compatible with the following printers: IDP SMART 30 and 50About the IDP SMART Replacement Ribbon Cartrid..
£6.80 Inc Tax:£8.16
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