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6 Top Tips to Run A Successful Event

05 Feb 6 Top Tips to Run A Successful Event
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6 Top Tips to Run A Successful Event

6 Top Tips to Run A Successful Event

If you've been asked to plan an event, don't worry, ID Card Centre is here to help!

With long term planning and a clear objective, you can be certain your event will run seamlessly. Applying these straight forward tips that we have provided will help you transform any event into an unforgettable experience for your audience!

Planning A Successful Event In Advance

A successful event requires strategic planning and strong organisational skills to ensure smooth execution for your staff, team and most importantly, your guests. When hosting an event, it’s always better to start the planning process as soon as possible, factoring in what the event is for, the event objective and any deadlines you’ve been set. By doing this, you are more likely to create an impactful experience for all your attendees when brainstorming the best possible ideas in advance. 

Setting meticulous goals early in your planning process with contingency plans allows for flexibility and adaptability before the start date. Whilst these goals have been put into place, it is essential you set up a plan B in case anything unexpected occurs.

By aiming to achieve these goals, you will less likely need to minimise any last minute changes, helping the event run smoothly.

1) Picking A Venue

Pulling off a successful event is easily achievable, especially when picking the correct venue. This is extremely important due to the long lasting effect it leaves on your attendees. The venue not only influences the overall atmosphere but it also shapes your guests' vision about you and the business.

Ideas for a venue:

  • Make sure the budget fits your plan.
  • Make it a professional and clean environment.
  • Easily accessible to all target audiences (Location and public transport, accessibility etc).

2) Event Badge Passes

If you are wanting to increase security and safety at your event, then badges, tickets or passes are ideal. They are great for easily displaying names, allowing only authorised attendees to access the event. On top of this, badges with different designs help with easy identification of special guests. 

Event passes can be specifically tailored to your needs. Uniquely design them with text, colour, logos, images and much more. You can also promote any sponsors or special events that are happening throughout the day.

Event Pass

3) Pre-Print Event Tickets 

Event ticketing is a crucial element for ensuring a safe and memorable time for your attendees. It's not just leisure events such as festivals or concerts that require ticketing – corporate events also need name badges. These add security measures, as well as allowing exhibitors to scan and capture the information of visitors.

Organise your event badges with ease by pre-printing your branding. This can include a design, your logo, and any other elements that may improve attendee experience such as maps or itineraries. 

Pre-printing can be achieved by outsourcing your event badge printing to a service such as ID Card Centre. We can create a design for you or use one you've provided, and once you've told us how many cards and what options are required, your cards will be sent to you with a blank space ready for you to overprint.

4) Overprint Details

Once your badges or tickets have been printed and delivered to you, you can then overprint on-demand during the event. Overprinting adds details, such as each attendee's name and company, or unique barcodes that contain their information. 

ID card printers such as the Zebra ZC100 are ideal for overprinting, as they offer a low cost per card with minimal maintenance required. Alternatively, if you don't need to overprint details all that often, you may benefit from renting a printer from ID Card Centre.

By printing and distributing badges or tickets on-demand, your attendees will know they are at an event that meets expectations.

5) Using Sustainable Accessories

With events often being a one-off or short-term, you may look to increase your sustainability.

Eco-Friendly accessories are not only good for the environment, but they are also an ideal solution for providing your guests with ticketing or badges.

Paperboard Cards for Short-Term Use

Our enviricard® Black Paperboard Cards are 100% plastic free and great for events due to their durability, but also their biodegradable abilities. 

Here are some of the benefits of using sustainable cards:

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Increases branding and advertisement
  • Appealing and sustainable

You don't need to worry about compatibility as these cards are compatible with a huge range of desktop ID card printers.

enviricard paperboard Cards

For more information on how enviricard® paperboard cards can improve the sustainability of your event, please read here.

RPET Lanyards

Lanyards are commonly used to display event badges, so why not look to a more sustainable solution?

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) lanyards are made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, meaning they have already aided a sustainable cause. They act no differently to regular lanyards and will remain in good condition throughout the event. These lanyards come with a plastic clip for attaching badges, and have health and safety breakaway clips for a quick safe release. With these lanyards, ID Card Centre has a range of colours available, so you can match your branding or use different colours to identify different groups of people.

Beyond enhancing guest experience, RPET lanyards also make a positive environmental impact. They offer a simple yet effective way to improve your events whilst doing something good for the planet.

For more information on RPET Lanyards, please click here (ID Card Centre RPET Lanyards).

Recyclable Card Holders

Cardholders are a great way of safely securing and displaying name badges, and can be attached to lanyards. There are many benefits to these eco-friendly cardholders as they are made from materials that can be easily recycled, therefore aligning your environmental beliefs with your event. On top of this, your successful event is more likely to boost your brand's image.

They are available in many colours, meaning they are suited for all businesses that want to host top of the range events for their guests.

Event Organisation

Event planning can be challenging, however badge trays can remove a weight from your shoulders when it comes to handing out name badges or passes. Once the badges have been printed for your event, all you need to do is slot them into the badge trays (grouped in alphabetic order, or by company), and your attendees can either find their own badge, or wait for a member of staff to quickly find the one they need.

Badge trays also reduce the risk of damage during transport, so your badges will remain in top condition by the time you're handing them out.

Using Pre-Printed Lanyards For Identification

Pre-printed lanyards are ideal for all events. By using them to differentiate groups of people, you can ensure a professional and stylish experience for both staff and attendees. They are great for events because you can buy staff and visitor lanyards in bulk which helps quick and easy identification/access control, ultimately saving you time as well. Available to purchase in bulk, lanyards pre-printed with words like 'STAFF' or 'VISITOR' mean that your attendees will easily be able to identify a member of staff if they need assistance.

Maximising Branding With Personalised Lanyards

If you'd like to step up the branding for your event, why not invest in personalised lanyards?

You can create unique designs specifically to your requirements, ultimately giving them a professional appearance. On top of this, personalised lanyards are ideal advertising, lasting even longer than the standard advertising as your event.

6) Asking for Feedback

Asking for feedback is essential to business growth so you can improve your future events. Engage with your attendees and team members to get accurate feedback, either during the event, upon exit, or via email surveys a few days later. From this, you will be able to find out the success of the event, including what went wrong and what went right, which will help you enhance future events!

No matter the event, make sure you are creative to surprise everyone and you will have the perfect event.

Running a successful event is a combination of thoughtful choices and long term planning. Elevate your attendees' event experience through advanced planning, venue selection, badge passes, and much more.

By following our 6 top tips, you can be certain your event will exceed guests expectations!

For more information on executing successful event badge or ticketing, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.